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Thermal clothing

How good, you can also find thermal underwear here! Great when it's so cold that you have icicles hanging from your nose. It is not recommended to pull the thermal underwear over your nose, but we can guarantee that our thermal underwear for women and thermal underwear for men will keep everything under the chins and above the toes wonderfully warm. And with the nice prices we standardly put on our clothing, your wallet will get nice and warm too.

Thermal clothing under your fashion

Thermal clothing, thermo underwear or just plain Dutch thermo underwear is a wonderful addition to your wardrobe and comes in handy during cold winters. If you are mainly familiar with thermo underwear for winter sports or when you go mudflat hiking in the middle of winter, we can tell you that thermo underwear nowadays is just as fashionable as your outerwear. So we have thermo underwear with camouflage print, black basic underwear and white thermo shirts for women.


Thermal underwear for the men

Let's start with the men. Thermo underwear men, makes sure you keep the whole thing warm under control. We have for you some wonderful thermo clothing products, which will fit perfectly with your basic wardrobe. We especially offer the thermal underwear from Beeren Underwear. They are very well known for their high-quality thermal underwear. This thermo clothing is very suitable as an insulating under layer while exercising or working in cold conditions. It is also made of the softest fabric, sweat and stress resistant.


Buy unisex thermo underwear at Dutch Desingers Outlet

Yes, you read it right, thermo often comes in unisex. Because yes, in warmth there is no distinction. Except perhaps that the ladies want it a little warmer than the men. Beeren underwear is often made of Viloft yarn. That is a very supple fabric and therefore has a high wearing comfort. They really take into account when designing that thermal underwear really needs to insulate. So think about tight-fitting turtleneck or the sleeves closing well around your wrists. That way you don't lose any heat. Good thing.


Camouflage thermowear for a walk in the woods

But yes, black thermo wear or white thermo wear is of course very basic, but also somewhat boring. At Dutch Desingers Outlet you therefore also buy men's thermo wear in a good camouflage print from the brand Stark Soul. This thermal functional men's underwear supports you perfectly during sports and outdoor activities and still lets you look good in this camouflage design. This fine thermal underwear is seamless and therefore fits seamlessly into your comfortable wardrobe. Nothing bothers, nothing chafes, you don't feel you have it on. And also very nice: it is breathable. This means that it wicks sweat well to the outside, absorbs hardly any moisture and dries extremely quickly. This thermal men's underwear keeps you pleasantly warm even at the lowest temperatures.


Beautiful thermal clothing for ladies

And now for the ladies. The Entex brand also has thermal clothing. The lightweight thermal shirts are ideal for cold days at work or winter sports. And the designers have also added a sexy touch to it, as the shirts have an elegant and graceful deep neckline trimmed with embroidery. So you can wear this shirt as the perfect layer under sweaters and blouses. Do you look equally relaxed, while being wonderfully warm. Made of stretchy, comfortable and skin-friendly fabric that retains body heat.

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