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Boobs & Bloomers girls underwear

Boobs & Bloomers girls underwear. Because you don't want to walk around in underwear worn by your mum, do you? No, you can walk around in them long enough. So you want your own collection. In which you just look chill when you have to dress up for gym class. And that is also comfortable, especially. You should not suffer from it, the whole growing thing is hard enough sometimes. But if you do have to wear a bra and boxer, then it should be a trendy set. Boob & Bloomers makes sure your underwear looks super cool.

- 50%

Boobs & Bloomers Lilly
Fuchsia Girls Bra

19.99 9.99
- 50%
- 60%
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Boobs & Bloomers Cupcake
Grey Girls Bra

17.99 7.20
- 52%
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Boobs & Bloomers Faya
Pink/Print Girls Bra

19.99 9.50
- 50%

Boobs & Bloomers girls shorts

Listen, underpants just have to fit well. The Boobs & Bloomers girls boxer shorts are guaranteed to do that. And preferably with a cool print too. Or just plain, so that it matches your outerwear. Actually, shorts are the best, because they don't creep up or sit uncomfortably in jeans. And when you wear a skirt, it's also nice to have shorts that fit well, so you can go to school on your bike. Boobs & Bloomers has thought about it, the designers of this hip teen brand understand what you do, how you live and what's important to you. Because the makers of this brand have a lot of experience in making underwear. And that experience helps, of course.


Boob & Bloomers girls bra

Your first bra has to be a party, Boobs & Bloomers understands that. That's why they put all their skills into making the best bra for you. They work with fine fabrics, that are very chill. And they work with a perfect fit, that supports your changing body. The bras are available in many sizes. So if you grow like a rocket, your underwear will keep up with it. Furthermore, the Boobs & Bloomers bras have cool prints. Almost like wearing a bikini, but very comfortable. (They do have bikinis, by the way). The fit is made to be comfortable, so you don't feel like you're wearing underwear. You can choose from a lot of prints, from fluorescent colors, from solid prints and even a little skin color, which looks nice under your white shorts or a white top.


Boobs & Bloomers sale at Dutch Designers

Well, we think we helped you a lot on your way to the really good girls underwear for hip chicks. What we have done is give Boobs & Bloomers very nice prices. Because we understand that your dressing money might not be too chill yet. But, we also know that your mom is probably already shopping with us. So, be nice to her and we think that for our Boob & Bloomers outlet prices, she'll be happy to buy a few nice sets for you. And if not, just do a job for your mother. Or you can get behind your laptop together and pick out a few sets. You can tell your mother that you already know that if she has paid for her shopping before 16:00, we will send it the same day. That makes shopping even more fun!

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