LingaDore nightwear

LingaDore Night, this brand has enchanting nightwear. They are already world famous for their beautiful lingerie and bodies, but don't flatten this brand when it comes to nightwear. Made of beautiful fabrics, from sexy nightwear to super soft. From white to black and all the beautiful colors that belong so much to evening and night. With lace, in satin, of cotton and embroidery, LingaDore can do it all. LingaDore makes sure you go into the night perfectly dressed. And that you never want to take off your nightwear again. Well and you can, because the nightwear is so beautiful, you like to keep it on all the time.

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LingaDore Night Magic

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LingaDore pyjamas

Pajamas sound either old-fashioned or boring. LingaDore has made short shrift with these preconceptions. The pajamas from LingaDore are neither boring nor old-fashioned. No, these designers of lingerie and nightwear have completely understood. Whether you are looking for nightwear for a large size, or if you are a teeny tiny lady, the designs are good for every body.


LingaDore satin pyjamas

So there are pajamas made of satin, also professionally called a nightwear set. And up to and including size 4XL there is plenty of room for your curves and mountains. In beautiful colors such as the imaginative rum raisin brown. You'd love to sink your teeth into it. We guarantee you that your partner will feel like it immediately when you put on a pair of LingaDore pajamas.


LingaDore cotton pyjamas

If you prefer fine cotton, this brand offers a choice between cotton and viscose. And what a nice and fresh feeling that is! Warm in winter and cool in summer. With a beautiful floral print or a hip and modern lounge nightwear set you can go either way. Given the fine prices we recommend you to buy a set of winter and summer. And a set of sexy and a set of cuddly and...


LingaDore nightshirts

Prefer a nightdress in a delicious satin look? Then the choice is more than large at LingaDore. A fine slipdress in night blue, or a beautiful evening look nightwear dress in black with gold lace details. Queen Bee can pack up when you enter the bedroom like this. Short or long, we can't advise on that. Honestly, that's mostly taste and what you like to wear. LingaDore is also very good at making lovely loungewear, such as the nightshirts of delicious jersey quality, which you can simply combine with good leggings during your workday at home, or with thick tights in winter. In the spring it is already a dress in itself. So you see, nightwear is also real fashion as far as we are concerned.


Buy LingaDore night

The LingaDore nightwear collection is a stayer in our range. The quality is fantastic and the designs are dazzling. The name enchants and so do the designs. So fill your month quickly with some fine LingaDore items. If you have paid before 16:00 on working days, we will make it a nice package the same day.

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