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Marrocan Golden Moments: an ode to love, self-love

The Story

Oriental and seductive like a poem in a fragrance, she feels comfortable playing in an oasis of calm, with the rays of the sun. It is a play between shadow and light with a mysterious touch. "Moroccan Golden #Moments is an ode to love, self-love" and composed with an oriental amber fragrance. Discover the notes of sultry amber and vanilla, which give this composition a special and exceptional, warm, elegant and sophisticated fragrance.


The Scent

Discover the notes of sultry amber and vanilla that give this composition its special and exceptional warmth, elegance and refinement.

Color Associations

Yellow - Color of fun and confidence.


Brown - Colour of simplicity and tranquillity.


Orange - Colour of the inner fire.



Bergamot - Bergamot essential oil comes from the fruit of the Bergamot tree. The fruit is a cross between bitter orange and lemon and looks like a miniature orange. Because of the typical smell Bergamot is also popular in the perfume industry.


Amber - Golden in colour, soft and rich. In cosmetics land it is also called the liquid gold.


Vanilla - Vanilla smells full, sweet, balsamic, slightly spicy and soft. For many people, the scent of vanilla represents homeliness and security.

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