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Brazilian bottoms

We go on a virtual trip to sunny Brazil! Not for the sun or the flip-flops, but for the finest underwear, especially the panties. Because the Brazilian slip is also slowly conquering the Dutch behinds. Why? Because Brazilian panties are so cut that they seem to give you very nice long legs. And we don't say no to that. At the front like normal panties, but cut at a slightly more oblique angle at the back. That's the trick. This makes your buttocks come out -naturally- very nicely in it. That's natural, because Brazilian ladies are known worldwide for their beautiful buttocks. No wonder that most famous lingerie brands have Brazilian briefs in their assortment. And let Dutch Designers Outlet carry all the most beautiful Dutch lingerie brands. Let's go Brazilian!

Lisca Alegra
Skin Brazilian


Other types of underwear, the brazilian

Usually when you hear about a brazilian, you think of wax and related items. Although we do look for it somewhat in the same um...region, the brazilian slip has nothing to do with waxing. Although you can combine it, of course. When it comes to good underwear, the brazilian should not be missing from your closet. This delightful model of panties is very comfortable and looks very naughty. Because your buttocks peep out at the back in a sophisticated way. It's not all out like a thong, no the brazilian is a little more subtle. It shows the lines of your rear nicely, but everything remains neatly covered. And that is exactly what makes this a piece of sexy lingerie.


A brazilian slip, without the expensive trip

You don't have to travel to sunny South America for a pair of Brazilian underwear. Every self-respecting lingerie brand has a Brazilian slip in its assortment. From Marlies Dekkers, through After Eden and LingaDore to Sapph and Royal Lounge Junky. These underwear brands are keen on designing more than just panties and thongs. The Brazilian briefs in particular allow you to go in many directions with your fashionable underwear. Because it has more fabric, it is also fun to combine prints with lace, or just very sophisticated with different degrees of transparency.


Beautiful brazilian panties at a discount

Dutch Designers Outlet has a nose for bargains and a nose for beautiful designs. No wonder you can buy the most beautiful and discount Brazilian panties here. We love this design because it suits every figure. A Brazilian for every body. And because of the discounts we offer, it is within reach for almost everyone. Whether you like eye-catching or more modest, there is a beautifully designed Brazilian panties for everyone.


Go for something exotic, the brazilian

If thoughts of the Copa Cobana and its beautiful designs have got you all hot and bothered, then we invite you to shop around our outlet. We have collected more than enough Brazilian panties on this page and we hope you'll have a very nice success. That way, without traveling, you will bring some warmth into your home with a nice minimal Brazilian slip.

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