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Sapph Women's Shorts

Sapph shorts, of course we have them hanging on our racks for you.
At Dutch Designers Outlet we always have Sapph underwear collections hanging on the racks. Because it's no secret: at the largest lingerie outlet in the country, we already love this quirky brand. And as you've come to expect from us, not only are the Sapph shorts available to you in abundance, the discounts on these tasty butt-flattering knickers are also still very tasty. Up to 85% off we give you on your latest Sapph shorts. Underwear should not only fit well, it should also look good and a good discount...always very very good!

Sapph shorts, the short cut to sexy women's panties

When the designers behind the successful Dutch brand Sapph go for something, they tackle it right away. In their own unique way. Because the designers of Sapph are confident that you can buy the juiciest shorts at Sapph. So this also applies to the Sapph shorts that you can find at Dutch Designers Outlet, because here the core idea behind this fashion house comes forward clearly again: You are the sexiest woman around, and we make sure your lingerie radiates that too!


Sensual women's shorts from Sapph

The sensual and sophisticated feminine looks that Sapph is always so strong in define the fit, but oh how comfortable the model is. That's because the typical short legs give you all the room to move you could want. The fabrics used are like a second skin on your own skin and the designs are so beautiful, cute or funny that you can't help but lick your fingers. It is that we know that the women's shorts were once designed because we ladies always walked in our men's shorts, otherwise you would think that comfort would have been the very model for the men. The men demanded their boxer shorts back, and thus the women's shorts were born. We think the gentlemen are quite jealous of the yummy designs embracing our bottoms.


Sapph shorts with discount at Dutch Designers Outlet

Are you convinced and do you also want those buttock hugging shorts from Sapph. Then scroll through our collection and grab a great discount on all the juicy shorts you can find. That way, your underwear collection will be up to date and your date will be amazed when you whip out your jeans. And with those discounts we're offering, feel free to buy two, too. You can't walk on one leg, right?

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