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Thongs Marlies Dekkers

When you say Dutch Design in lingerie land, the first thing you probably hear is Marlies Dekkers. And have you seen Marlies' thongs? These are minimal in fabric but maximal in design. Time to update your thong wardrobe. With Marlies Dekkers' designs, you can start a thong orchestra in your closet. And with the discount we put on them, you'll go right over. Maximalism for a minimal price, with the Dutch Designers Outlet Marlies dekkers thongs!

Jewel in your closet: thongs by Marlies Dekkers

Strings by Marlies Dekkers are great in their small size, because no matter how minimal and almost invisible these top designer thongs are, you immediately notice that every millimeter has been thought about. No surprise then that you'll find your latest Marlies Dekkers thongs on sale time and again at Dutch Designers Outlet. You finally expect it, those wonderfully low prices. But with the top quality that Marlies Dekkers thongs continue to offer every woman. And that's reason enough for us to bet maximum on this minimal designer lingerie!


The art of omission with Marlies Dekkers thongs

With a Marlies thong, you wear a very beautiful minimalist work of art around your buttocks. Because, according to experts, Marlies Dekkers is more of an artist than a designer. Everyone can think his or her own way about that, but one thing is certain: she masters the art of omission like no other! Marlies Dekkers thongs show that less is more is a truism in the world of lingerie as well. The strings by Marlies Dekkers are literally small but fine: perfect to wear under a tight set of clothes, because they seem to melt away completely without leaving any seams behind.
Beautiful designs and soft fabrics, that's the Marlies Dekkers thong

Nice to know and feel: Marlies uses the finest fibers and natural materials for her designs, which she then flawlessly combines with a fantastic fit and ultimate comfort. If you don't remember the favorable deals you get at Dutch Designers Outlet when you purchase Marlies Dekkers Thongs, you, like your onlookers, would almost forget you have one on! Take a quick look at our current selection of thongs, because these hot items are just waiting to be added to your collection!

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