Nickey Nobel swimming trunks

Gentlemen, do you know Nickey Nobel yet? You probably already sit for hours next to your surfing spouse, who is shopping one nice bikini after the other, or is throwing another nice beach outfit in her basket. Then mention Nickey Nobel. Probably, if she's a regular shopper at Dutch Designers Outlet, she'll nod happily and lead you straight to your favourite item, a swimsuit that fits you like a glove. Does she react a little fiercely and jealously to the name Nickey Nobel? Then add the word swimming trunks and own the tablet. Show her this page and yes, she will calm down. Nickey will be your beach friend, which we will tell you... don't tell anyone.

All men want Nickey Nobel

Well, tell your mates of course, that Nickey Nobel has the perfect beach look. Because you do not want to look like a fool next to your boyfriend on the beach. He needs to look fresh as well. Or your own guy, is also possible, or your best friend with a fashionista heart. All good advisors to look great on the beach. Nickey Nobel swim trunks are made for comfort, dry quickly and look cool too. Nickey Nobel has both checked designs and more basic ones. From black with a bit of colour, to floral prints. So there's a pair of shorts for every mate!


The ultimate beach boy in Nickey Nobel

Nickey Nobel swim trunks give you confidence. Of course you want to look good lying, sitting or surfing on the beach. Or even in your backyard. Because you never know who's going to pass by. It's nice when your swimsuit doesn't look like you pulled it out of the closet after 10 years. You don't have to go for the prices at Dutch Designers Outlet anyway. They will make sure you have a real designer swimwear for a very nice outlet price. And as far as quality is concerned, a Nickey Nobel swimming trunks might still be available in ten years from now, because the quality is great!


Nicky Nobel swimming trunks, gives you space

Have you successfully managed to get the laptop or tablet out of the hands of your shopping companion? Then we recommend you to throw some of those fine Nickey Nobel swimming trunks in your basket. You'll be ready for the summer and the summers to come. Oh, and another tip: with a nice shirt you're also ready for a terrace or a city trip. These swimming trunks are good for all kinds of outings. If you shop with us before 4 p.m. on working days, we will ship your order the same day. And for the prices we charge, your shopping partner won't even notice you're buying another pair of swimming trunks....

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