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Shiwi Men's Swim Pants

At Dutch Designers Outlet, we like to put our loyal customers in the spotlight. What better way to do that than by offering all those regular shoppers not only the best lingerie, but also helping them find the very best swimwear for the whole family, from the strongest brands in the Dutch fashion industry? We always have more than ten thousand items in stock and we deliver quickly and reliably to your front door, so if you think the nice weather is coming, you will find the perfect Shiwi swimwear for every man before the sun has even come out!


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- 70%

Extra miles with Shiwi swimwear

On the site of the biggest lingerie outlet of the Benelux you will always find more than just the most beautiful lingerie. Here you are also at the best and most affordable place to find all your beach and swim gear together. Take our selection of Shiwi swim trunks for example. As a brand, Shiwi has everything you would expect from the top designers we want to include in our selection. The materials used in Shiwi swim trunks are world class, as this team has fully specialized in fabrics and techniques that maintain their color, strength and comfort mile after mile. The fabrics are light and airy, and all Shiwi swim trunks dry nice and fast. This is just as well, because swim trunks have a tough time at the beach: being in salt water all day is a big drain on most normal textiles.


Shiwi swim trunks for the best beach looks

These days, men are also getting more and more picky when it comes to their looks. When the summer season is just around the corner, you want to give them a boost by giving them the best beach looks for the new season. With the Shiwi swim trunks from Dutch Designers Outlet, you are totally the man, while also being very sensible with your vacation spending. At Dutch Designers Outlet, not only the quality is guaranteed to be of a high level, also the discounts we can give on the retail prices of Shiwi swim trunks are a fixed factor in our shopping formula. Vacations are already pricey enough, so if you save smartly on the Shiwi swim trunks you buy here, your vacation fun starts nice and early this year!


Tough and summery, but always top notch

Shiwi rightly calls itself The Sunshine Brand, because you would almost put on your sunglasses before looking at the collection. Cheerful tropical patterns and colors that already make you feel hot are beaming down on you. Classic Hawaii prints are not missing from the collection, but also nice tightly designed shorts with cheerful color combinations are in the palette. Actually, it is best to take a look at the selection of Shiwi swim trunks we managed to collect for yourself, because when you see these cheerful but always high-quality designed beach toppers, the vacation jitters start to come up by themselves!

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