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HOM boxer shorts for the man with style

Ladies can talk for hours about fashion, clothes, lingerie...basically anything. You, as a brave man, bravely resist all that verbiage. After all, the cool silent type is ferociously attractive to the ladies. At least, that's what people whisper...well, the twittering better half says. But we men know, even the most taciturn type can go down hard when the time comes and the pants come off. Because a decent pair of white boxer shorts from an unknown brand can make for a quiet night. The HOM boxer is therefore indispensable underwear for the silent hero.

Black Boxershort


Why do you choose the boxer shorts from HOM?

HOM boxer shorts are very comfortable. The fabrics used are breathable and soft on the skin. Which is nice if you want your business to stay fresh and fruity. Because well, we're just not that, um, happy with sticky parts, are we? That's why HOM boxer shorts for men are made in such a way that everything stays in place, is well packed and the fabric provides a sweat-free center.


Beautiful and silent

The HOM boxer shorts are also beautiful to look at. Strikingly stylish, fashionable and with clean lines. The HOM man does not like loud logo bands and large designs. That is why the boxers from HOM combinesubtle designs with nice details. In short, the boxer shorts speak for themselves. How nice as a silent attractive type! When the time comes to show off your HOM boxer shorts, it's a talking point before a talkative night follows. How nice as a silent attraction type!


The finest HOM boxer shorts on sale

For the men who prefer to show off their style instead of shouting it from the rooftops, we have a whisper-worthy offer. At Dutch Designers Outlet you will find a wide variety of different styles and colors ofHOM boxer shorts on sale. Pssst, please tell us that if you order before 16:00 on working days, we will ship your order the same day. Speaks for itself!

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