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LingaDore bikini collection 2020

Wow, LingaDore has, in addition to its luxurious and fine lingerie, a finger licking swimwear collection. For stylish ladies of all shapes and sizes who also want to emphasize their elegance on the beach. LingaDore bikinis give you an extra look when you parade onto the beach. And at Dutch Designers Outlet, you can shop these bikinis at affordable prices.

LingaDore Beach Shine Brighter than the Sun
Hot Pink Set


LingaDore Beach Nectar The Colour of Joy
Peach Pink Set

- 25%

LingaDore Beach Hippie Crochet
Black Set

59.95 44.96
- 25%

LingaDore Beach Hippie Crochet
Off White Set

59.95 44.96
- 60%

LingaDore gives elegance form

Since the summer of 2006 LingaDore has also been giving its collection a face on the beach. And from that year onwards, a new collection is eagerly awaited. Because at LingaDore women think about the collection, you see and feel that the collections really suits every woman. Different styles, colours and a wide range of prints, you would get greedy! We think greed is a very good quality in this context, because not only elegance is given form, also the price can be called very elegant. Does your wallet have a nice day as well.


Game, set and match

Not only in the tennis world we use these terms, we are also of them! Because aren't you into sets? At Dutch Designers Outlet you can combine different bikini bottoms and bikini tops with each other. Red and blue your favorite combination? For the prices of LingaDore swimwear with us you can even shop a few sets. Which then match wonderfully with each other. It's all in the game with LingaDore bikinis.


Score LingaDore swimwear

Score your favourite mix, set or just a top or bottom now. Win this match gloriously with beautiful new swimwear items at a nice price. Order before 4 p.m. on working days and we will ship your order the same day. Then you'll soon be gorgeous in the backyard, at the pool or on the beach. You've already won that set!

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