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Complete Mila Bikini

Why choose the Mila bikini? Well, as a fashion-conscious thirty-something diva, you obviously do not want to look like the 'thirty in a dozen girls'. No, you are looking for exclusive prints, combined with a perfect fit. Exactly the outfit that emphasizes your personality instead of hiding it, whether you're sitting in the garden or by the pool. You're great at surfing the web looking for just that little bit different and better than those thirty dozen girls. That's why you ended up at Dutch Designers Outlet during that search, at the Mila bikini collection!

Mila swimwear

Mila is one of the vibrant Dutch brands of the family business VGT. They develop the Mila swimwear collection. Mila was created because there was a demand for swimwear with exclusive prints and people wanted bikinis with the perfect fit. Of course, this demand came from the ladies who don't fit into all those dozens! The bikinis have several types of pre-shaped cups, both with and without support.
Moreover, every season, VGT's designers design matching Mila beachwear, such as beautiful tunics, that perfectly match your new bikini. You can easily move from the sand to the lounge of that trendy beach club. Mila is the perfect beachwear for the lady with unique taste.


Mila bikinis colour your day

The beautiful bikinis by Mila are great for your mood and your wallet will be happy too when you shop the Mila collection at Dutch Designers Outlet. The beautifully coloured and patterned Mila swimwear can be bought at the outlet for beautifully low prices. And do you know what's great? If you order before 4pm on weekdays, your package will leave our warehouse the same day. Mila grazie', as we say in Italian-Dutch.

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