LingaDore bikini bottoms enchant your buttocks

LingaDore bikini bottoms immediately come to mind when we think of a pair of shorts. Because the bikini bottoms of this fantastic lingerie brand are so beautiful that they are worth it to sit around your buttocks. Because this brand has so much experience in underwear, you can see it in the swimwear designs of LingaDore. The designers have taken into account every body, so you always look your beach best.

A LingaDore bikini bottom as a single item

Let's talk about the LingaDore bikini bottoms. Nowadays you see it a little less, but we still think that going topless on the beach is a great idea. If you only have one item, you want it to fit your body perfectly. So that all your assets come out in the sun. The bikini bottoms of LingaDore are made of the best quality swim lycra and have a cotton gusset, so no sweaty subjects in the pants. The fabric dries quickly, which is of course very pleasant after a splash in the sea or pool. Through the different types of cut of the LingaDore bikini bottoms, there is a bottom for every figure that provides the perfect frame for your perfect ass.


LingaDore bikini bottoms match with a bikini top

Imagine the space you would save in your beach bag if you only had to take your LingaDore bikini bottoms with you? If you find it a little too casual to show off your bikini bottoms all the time, LingaDore swimwear has enough variety in bikini tops to find the match in heaven for your bikini bottom. Combine a high bottom in a fantastic pastel print with a plain bikini top, for example . Or a nice little bikini bottom with a cute bow tie. Or how about a bikini bottom that has just that little extra edge to hide your belly when you've enjoyed the beach bar just a little too much? At Dutch Designers Outlet you will find all these LingaDore bikini bottoms at a fantastic price...


How low is your LingaDore bikini bottom?

We have already given it away, the bikini bottoms of LingaDore are really in the outlet at Dutch Designers Outlet. The prices are sometimes as small as the shorts, but even the larger bikini bottoms have prices where eh ... your pants off. No, that can not LingaDore beach quality! Tight in your swimsuit was never as fashionable as a LingaDore bikini bottom. Besides, with all that space in the beach bag, you might want to buy a nice LingaDore After Beach item, for protecting all your wavy lines when you're in the blazing sun. Or you could just buy two bikini bottoms, or two bikini tops...or just a beach bag full of LingaDore Beach, bikini tops and bikini bottoms. Very nice, if you are shopping on weekdays and you order before 16.00, we will not tell your boss and we will send your package Monday through Friday on the same day. That's what you keep your pants on for...

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