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Marlies Dekker bikini pants, top without top

As you probably know, Marlies Dekkers bikinis are very recognizable. With her very own and recognizable handwriting, this queen of Dutch lingerie design is recognizable without even seeing a brand or name. Marlies Dekkers provides a beautiful frame for your breasts and buttocks. Do you only want to wear shorts on the beach? Then choose the best bikini bottoms from Marlies Dekkers. And you don't have to pay a royal price, because in our shop you will find Marlies bikini bottoms at a price that will make you feel like the queen of the beach.

Marlies Dekkers bottoms, go for black or colour your bottom

The black Marlies Dekkers bikini bottom is something for the classic ladies. Great fit, nicely shaped buttocks and a beautiful backside. All this already applied to you, but with a Marlies Dekkers bikini bottom around your bum, you stand out even more because of the unbridled elegance that is immediately added. Rocking and voluptuous on the beach, in the garden or in the pool. Although for the latter, you might want to buy a Marlies Dekkers top. (And you can do that on this site, too!)


Bikini bottoms Marlies, without or with top

Both the bikini tops and the Marlies Dekker bottoms are available separately, say it yourself, how handy is that! Not only will you have a nice Marlies top around your bottom, but because you might buy another Marlies bikini top, your two strong points will stand out. And you are highly original, because what is the chance that your neighbor on the terrace at the beach is wearing exactly the same combination. No, exactly, that's what we mean. And Marlies likes to vary in model and colour. So if you are more into sets, check out the Marlies bikinis, but if you are more into the Marlies Dekkers mix and match, you can still score a great pair of bottoms here.


Marlies bikini bottoms are correspondingly elegant

All Marlies Dekkers bikini bottoms, as they are called in lingerie land, have that fantastic elegant and sensual Marlies signature. On top of that, Marlies provides unparalleled support. Whether you have a pair of strawberries, tangerines, mangoes or melons, for every tit there is a correspondingly good design with unequalled support. The same goes for the bum. All butts in the world become even more beautiful with a Marlies Dekkers bikini bottom as the ultimate accessory. Regardless of sizes, shapes and colours. And Dutch Designers Outlet is there for the whole fruit basket and the whole buttocks country. Every woman can and deserves to embrace her sexiest self.


Marlies Dekkers bikini bottoms sale

Say you buy Marlies Dekkers bikini bottoms and sale, and you start here. Because Dutch Designers Outlet is the queen of lingerie outlets. The uncrowned emperor of the bikini bottom sale. We are not called the underwear king of the Netherlands for nothing. Marlies Dekkers is normally top of the bill, literally. Here it is still top quality, but at a price you can easily buy a bikini bottom as well. A bikini bottom...we say. Or add a Marlies Dekkers bikini top. Who cares? For these prices you are not wrong!

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