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You don't just become the biggest lingerie outlet in the Netherlands and Belgium... With always more than ten thousand articles of the most beautiful, best and sophisticated lingerie brands, Dutch Designers Outlet always has exactly what you are looking for. No matter what taste, style or body you have. 

Lisca Ivonne
Anthracite Soft-Cup bra

- 40%

LingaDore Black Incence
Black/Gold Push Up bra

59.95 35.97
- 40%

Elbrina Johanna
Green Soft-Cup bra

29.95 17.97
- 40%

Marlies Dekkers Femme Fatale
Brown Padded Bra

129.95 77.97
- 70%

Fuel For Passion Daisy
Black Push Up bra

99.00 29.70
- 30%
- 40%

Marlies Dekkers Gloria
Brown/Print Padded Bra

119.95 71.97
- 30%

Elbrina Johanna
Bordeaux Soft-Cup bra

22.99 16.09

Lisca Ivonne
Skin Soft-Cup bra


LingaDore LingaDore Love flower Mesh
Black/Print Soft-Cup bra

- 50%

Sapph Odette
Yellow Push Up bra

49.95 24.98
- 30%

Marlies Dekkers Gloria
Ochre Yellow Padded Bra

119.95 83.97
- 50%

Sapph Comfort
Print/Blue Push Up bra

44.95 22.48
- 50%

Sapph Comfort
White/Print Push Up bra

44.95 22.48
- 30%

Anita Venecia
Grey Body

119.95 83.97

Product review

“Slechte pasvorm. Zitten erg strak om de benen. Al vaker boxers van Giangvaglia gehad, maar de basic modellen zij waardeloos.”

Our price 4.95


over Dutch Designers Outlet

“Hallo Carla, (en de rest met dit probleem) ik ontvang de nieuwsbrief van DDO zeer regelmatig. Ik weet zo precies wat er dan bij hen aan nieuws te bestellen is. Meestal is het dan ook snel in de winkels te koop. Groetjes, Melanie”

Buying lingerie at Dutch Designers Outlet

Why would you buy lingerie at an online webshop? You have to try it on, right? Of course, underwear should be just as beautiful and sexy. Preferably it should be sexy lingerie that follows your shapes well. That's why we have an extensive size chart on our website, so you can buy lingerie that fits and is sexy. And if you can't find your way, our customer service will help you out. And... Sir Sebastian, our blogger, explains every month how women's - but also men's - lingerie fits best. And we also help you find very sexy lingerie or bridal lingerie if you are looking for it.


Shop your favorite panties and bra with cup right in your shopping basket

From curvy to skinny, we have beautiful and sexy lingerie waiting for you that is made for you. So men and women, do you love new fashion? Do you like to feel self-confident and do you like trendy and exclusive clothing for underneath your clothes? Then you've come to the right place.


Designer lingerie, made for you

In our online outlet, you're sure to find a gorgeous lingerie set for you. That's what self-confident and fashion-conscious women want to show off the most - and for the night as well. Of course, men are in the right place too, because designer lingerie is no longer just for the ladies.


Spicy and exciting lingerie for everyone.

From shapewear to corrective underwear with nice details and from comfortable bras to nightwear (that you combine with stockings, for example), you will make your partner and yourself languish. The eye wants something too, so we have all kinds of beautiful sets with lace and pants that give you beautiful legs. So you can glide elegantly across the bedroom floor with confidence. We also like to emphasize breasts and buttocks. Corsets and bodysuits make for a beautiful figure and form a good basis for your underwear closet.


Large sizes lingerie for curves

We have a complete range for you: from thongs to bras. From boxer shorts to tops, from a negligee to a functional push-up top and pretty much everything in between. We have a lot of large sizes, so are you more the size plus lingerie type or do you regularly search on the keywords 'curve lingerie' or 'sexy size plus lingerie'? You're sure to succeed with us. For very low prices, by the way!


Beautiful luxury lingerie

We do love luxury lingerie. And we're naughty too. Erotic lingerie is not just around the corner, but on its own page. So would you like to buy a lingerie set from a luxury brand? Marlies Dekkers lingerie for example, or Sapph lingerie? You don't want to pay too much for it? Then this lingerie site is for you.


Bodies, lingerie & swimwear

Did we mention that when it comes to swimwear, you'll always succeed here? Whether you're looking for a nice bikini set or a swimsuit for that last minute vacation, we have it in your size, your colors and your design.


World class lingerie brands

That's actually not even difficult, because the lingerie brands on our market are for the most part world-class. We've already mentioned them, but Marlies Dekkers lingerie, LingaDore, Shiwi, After Eden lingerie, Sapph: all of them are Dutch world brands with bras, briefs, bodies and complete sets that make the international market go red.


Cheap lingerie from top collections

The lingerie assortment of Dutch Designers Outlet has only one limitation: with us everything is on the top shelf. Even better: our shelves only have top shelves, because we structurally choose the strongest brands and the best designers, preferably from our own country. Of course we would be limiting ourselves unnecessarily if we only chose Dutch and Belgian lingerie lines, so we are not afraid of a few top brands from abroad. Björn Borg, Brunotti, Armani and the Emporio Armani lines are global lingerie heroes that you are entitled to: even at the largest lingerie outlet in the Benelux.


Confident bridal lingerie

Are you getting married soon? Congratulations! That's a very special occasion! Listen, then it doesn't start with yes to the dress though. You first have to say Yes to your bridal lingerie. And that has to be comfortable all day and in the evening you surprise your partner with the party under your wedding dress. Our women's lingerie brands often also have some beautiful white sets that fit perfectly under your beautiful wedding dress.


Ladies lingerie

Are you just looking for ladies lingerie? Say good underwear? Or more challenging lingerie? Sells this lingerie site all. We won't waste too many words on that.


Men's lingerie

Gentlemen, we certainly don't forget about men's lingerie, or men's underwear. Sexy men's underwear is now as common as a good pair of jeans. Also called men's lingerie or men's lingerie. We sell men's boxers, briefs and tight underwear just as well as women's lingerie.


Erotic lingerie

Are you going for sexy? Then we have beautiful sexy lingerie sets and bodies. We sell delicious brands like Super Sexy by Sapph or Fuel for Passion. This will make it a party in the (bedroom). A lingerie set that fits wonderfully, looks sexy...a party, such a set of lingerie for sultry nights.


Sexy lingerie sets, made for you

We have beautiful lingerie in all shapes, sizes and colors. Bathrobes off and go! Sexy lingerie sets for everyone. Whether you go for lingerie size plus, or are very small.


Lingerie webshop for affordable top quality lingerie

To take away the last reason you would want to travel to the store for, we give you our experience and expertise as a gift. We work on our modern online platform, but our passion for the trade comes from years of real shopping experience. We are specialists, so we are very happy to share our knowledge with you as a loyal customer.


Find comfortable lingerie in our wide assortment

In our blog articles you can read all about your perfect bra size, the most beautiful panties and tangas to accentuate your unique shape, or style advice to make your lover's head spin. We help you with personal tips and tricks, because we love our job. Of course we will ship your newest acquisition in a beautiful package. This way you will soon have the most beautiful designer lingerie that seamlessly fits your unique curves and character!

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