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A Fish Named Fred

A Fish Named Fred boxer shorts is a great name for gentlemen who like to show that they are the catch of the day. Or the catch of the year. With the quirky prints on the boxer shorts and the cool slogan Quite a Catch on the band, you'll catch your buttocks in a pair of boxer shorts from an original Dutch brand that sells worldwide. And that quirky name? It sticks in your mind, just like a good hit. And a hit it is, this Fred! So throw out the lines and catch one of these boxer shorts. And no, you are not walking around in a fisherman's shirt, boxer or pajama. This brand has music in it!


A Fish Named Fred 110001
Navy/White Boxershort


A Fish Named Fred men's pyjama pants

A pair of pajama pants from A Fish Named Fred is one to do more with than crawl under the covers. Gentlemen, these pants make sure your bedtime is fun! These unique and exclusive printed pajama pants distinguish themselves very clearly from other men's pajamas on the market. Exactly the reason why Dutch Designers Outlet wanted to capture this brand to permanently include in its lingerie and underwear brands. Because the men also want to sometimes hook up with a good brand, right?


How do you catch a good pair of A Fish Named Fred lounge pants?

Have no fear, you don't have to stick worms to get a nice pair of A Fish Named Fred lounge pants on your hook. What we already showed you with the pajama pants, also applies to the lounge pants: distinctive, cheerful and a deliciously different piece! This fish swims around in more than thirty countries and television and film stars also love to wear the quirky fashion of A Fish Named Fred. If you are an avid American serial viewer, you might recognize the A Fish Named Fred designs. After all, you can tell right away that a T-shirt, lounge pants or boxer shorts are from this distinctive brand.


Fishing in your T-shirt

By now you obviously want a matching T-shirt to go with your A Fish Named Fred pyjama pants or boxer shorts. We get it, because hello, you have to be in style to hook up with the ladies. So cast your nets in a T-shirt from A Fish Named Fred and be prepared to attract a stream of fine ladies and gentlemen. You're also sure that these fished partners love a cheerful touch. Otherwise, they wouldn't have gotten caught in your nets.


A Fish Named Fred is available at Dutch Designers Outlet.

This fantastic brand has music in it. The founders love good rock 'n roll and they incorporate that into the collections. All items from A Fish Named Fred tell a story. Storytelling is at the heart of this brand. And Dutch Designers Outlet loves brands with a good and musical story. So it's high time to include this brand in the extensive men's fashion and underwear collections at Dutch Designers Outlet. No need to go fishing for a good offer, this website always provides a good price. Have a nice swim in the beautiful collection of A Fish Named Fred and if you pay your bowl on weekdays before basket will go with the mailman the same day. Of course we don't do that in a newspaper. This fish will be well packed!

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