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LingaDore Night

Question: what about your nightlife? Ho ho, we don't need all the details. But tell me, do you like lying in a onesie with seahorses? Well that's not bad at all, but for a change LingaDore could give your nightlife a boost with the most luxurious and comfortable nightwear ever. LingaDore provides adorable nightwear, so you can be the diva of the night. Every night, without hangover the next morning. Are you asleep and is there someone at the door? Throw a comb through your mane and in your Lingadore nightwear you are also during the day the diva of the Low Countries.

LingaDore Night pyjamas

Take the Lingadore pyjamas. These are not for the cat, but for the purring night cat. So for you. You really do not have to be a diva to experience a Lingadore night. Because a Lingadore pajama can also be wonderfully cuddly and warm. There are Lingadore night pajamas made of viscose quality or even fluffy fleece. Ooh that is still Netflix-worthy sit on the couch. And it looks beautiful out! You sit just beautiful and salonfähig on the couch.

Are you more of a tiger-night cat and do you want animal print and smooth fabrics? Then you are also at the right place at Lingadore Night. From kimonos to slipdresses, but also shortamas, so a sexy nightshirt combined with shorts with lace finish. Not for the faint-hearted either. Or is it, of course!


LingaDore Night fashion

For the nightwear of Lingadore Night you would actually want to stay up, from Lingadore nightshirt to sexy slipdress, you look like you are about to eat. Lingadore is a brand that makes you feel at your best. We are very happy with the quality and the endless variety that this brand has in its collections. Lingadore nightwear is fashion with a capital M, but for the evening. Frankly, we think that with all the beautiful fabrics, designs and the fit you can also make the night unsafe in the Lingadore Nightwear.

LingaDore Night negligées

You can not do without a Lingadore Night negligee if you like the center of the bedroom, the diva of the blankets. With the negligées of LingaDore you can also flatter yourself on the couch, because you do not exactly look like you just got out of bed. Maybe so, but just a splash of water in the face and a kimono over it beat and you can so with a pair of heels out the door. We are sure your roommates will be pleasantly surprised with a nice Lingadore Night negligee.


LingaDore Night kimonos

We already mentioned them in the previous paragraph: the LingaDore Night kimonos. They complete your romper look, especially if you let it slide loosely off one shoulder. The LingaDore kimonos are made of a beautiful quality and ensure that the glamour of it splashes. We have a great combination tip, not only with the negligées are these kimonos gorgeous, but also combine such a kimono once with a nice shirt and wear it on your favorite jeans. Voilà, another set. Or combine your LingaDore kimono with your bathing suit on holiday.


LingaDore Night slipdresses

Have you already seen the LingaDore Night slipdresses? You can slip in and out of them in no time. Say it yourself, slippers ... we love them. Flip-flops, slip dresses, all nice and airy things. Just to fly out of the corner once in a while is lovely. Anyway, with a slipdress from LingaDore you just stand your ground, even if you occasionally fly out of the corner. You just keep looking good in such a fine snood.


LingaDore Night chemises

The LingaDore Night chemises make sure that men who can also follow the curves, are completely out of the loop. We are fans of the saying: any man can drive on a straight road, but a real man can also handle the curves. In other words: real men love curves! Chemise, chemise...huh? It's a fancy word for a nightshirt, or a fancy word for a wonderfully sexy underdress. Well rest assured, the chemistry is guaranteed when you wear a nightdress from LingaDore. There is no stopping you!


You have found the LingaDore Night Outlet

At Dutch Designers Outlet you can wallow in the LingaDore Night collection. The nightwear in which you feel like the queen of the bedroom. Whether you are looking for pyjamas, a nightgown, a chemise or -just- a nice nightshirt or beautiful kimono, we have it in stock for you. If you order your favourite Lingadore nightwear item on weekdays before 16:00 hours, we will bring your lovely queen item to you in the post that same day! Dreams do come true!

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