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LingaDore Bodies

What do you say, didn't you know that LingaDore lingerie also designed bodies? Sure they did. We have some very nice models of bodies of this beautiful Dutch lingerie brand on the head. The bodies of this beautiful brand can be found under the name LingaDore Daily. This brand ensures that you not only wear comfortable lingerie on a daily basis, but also can wear beautiful designs on your amazing body. The bodies from the LingaDore range surprise by the beautiful cut, beautiful basic shapes and comfortable fabrics.

LingaDore Daily Basic Bodies

As the name here suggests, this is daily basic for your lingerie closet. The LingaDore bodies are real basics for your closet. An item that always finishes off your outfit. Not knowing what to wear is no longer an issue. With the LingaDore Daily basic bodies you can always leave your closet. Of course these beautiful bodies come in white and nude but we also have black bodies. And as real basics you can wear these lovely bodies on your jeans or under a jacket or nice shirt. The base must be good, LingaDore bodies provide a prefect base. And Dutch Designers Outlet ensures that you can quickly expand your base.


LingaDore celebrates its Anniversary with lace

Not only does LingaDore have basic bodies in its range. On the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of LingaDore, they have also launched a very fine anniversary line, or Anniversary line. And that really is the cherry on the already beautiful LingaDore cake. Neither trouble nor expense has been spared to create dazzling designs of lace. There is the Anniversary body in breathtaking black lace. And if you really want to go all out, then surf now to the LingaDore Black Incence black/gold body. With a tight fit, narrow straps and a beautiful slip model where your beautiful buttocks are just fine. No cups, no lining, you can show off everything in these beautiful bodies. The backside is just as beautiful. Really: your super sexy body deserves a super sexy LingaDore body, celebrate!


Are you more into light and airy? Then the LingaDore Snow white body is really something for you. Concealing and revealing at the same time, this beautiful snow white body ensures a radiant start to your dressing day.


A LingaDore body never gets boring

LingaDore Lingerie bodies are not for a short time, you will use them for a very long time. The excellent quality of this beautiful brand ensures that your body can stay in such a body for hours. Although we think your bed partner will get excited by it, so the body can be off again in no time. Because the LingaDore bodies are all made with handy press studs in the crotch, the body is easy to put on and take off. Or not quite take off ... we leave that to your naughty mind.


And of course you are used to us that we offer the beautiful LingaDore Lingerie and therefore also the bodies for fine small prices. So hurry to Dutch Designers Outlet for the body of the month!

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