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The best lingerie brands in an overview

What is the best brand of women's lingerie is hard to say. After all, there are so many brands and all of them have their own signature which makes it difficult to award the battle for the title of "best lingerie brand.


All these different brands were born from visions; from lingerie designs. Designs that focus on everyday comfort to seductive details for the eye (often someone else's). In every category - let's look at it this way - top 3 can be formulated. Dutch Designers Outlet knows how to name at least one brand that knows its business very well. And since there is no accounting for taste, our top 3 lingerie brands may differ somewhat from your top 3.


At Dutch Designers Outlet we present you dozens of brands with which we can answer most questions. What to think of the widely known Marlies Dekkers to a perhaps lesser known - but no less designer - name like Louisa Bracq. Both lingerie brands can be found with us at outlet prices!


We don't want to sell any of our prized suppliers short. We list them to you below but will show a few rating lists below that. Based on our professional view, Sir Sebastian 's opinion and of course by sales figures.

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