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Peter Domenie

For party clothing you have to be with the one and only Dutch fetish designer, Peter Domenie. For more than 25 years Peter has been creating clothing for the international party scene. His designs are known by all people with a preference for sexy and unique designs. Among other things, Peter makes beautiful transparent, leather-look and lacquer tops, skirts and dresses for ladies.


Not only the clothes, but also the fabrics Peter Domenie often designs himself. All fabrics are of top quality. Peter Domenie (and yes, he really exists!) is well known as a brand at home and abroad. But what we at Dutch Designers Outlet like so much, Peter Domenie fashion is a very Dutch brand. Therefore, this brand should not be missing in our collection.

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Peter Domenie dresses for the home office

And fortunately, so did Peter. Also with the original and one of a kind prints Peter Domenie is the only one with printed lacquer and wetlook in his collection. His vegan leather or leather look designs are sleek, comfortable and office-proof. Tis just how you combine something. The Peter Domenie dresses are high fashion and comfortable. Because if there's one thing the designer always uses, it's comfort. There are always zippers in his dresses, so you don't ruin your hairstyle when you put on a tight dress. Often everything is neatly covered, but because of the transparent tulle fabric you can see it again. But if you combine his dresses with a nice bra or camisole, you can go into the -digital- office with it. That's why we often tell you how to wear something. Because we think you can always wear a Peter Domenie over your DDO lingerie.


Peter Domenie designs

Peter gets his inspiration from the ports of Rotterdam and its lines. Peter is a fanatic windsurfer and fascinated by water, because water is always in motion. He translates the interplay of lines of cranes, docks and ships into a subtle interplay of lines in his designs. He always makes collections in a small edition and when the fabric is finished, it is finished as well. That is why every Peter Domenie design is unique.
Are you inspired? Then take a quick look and fill your basket with the rose&skull print or the beautiful tulle tops by Peter Domenie. If you order before 4pm on weekdays, we will ship your package the same day!

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