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Stormen Boxer Shorts

If you want new boxer shorts, there are two things that are really important: they have to be comfortable and have a nice design. Good news for you, then you've come to the right place at the brand Stormen.

Bamboo Boxer Shorts

All Stormen boxer shorts are made from bamboo. Stormen is a brand for the man who wants a responsible and sustainable product, but also loves quality and design, which is why Stormen boxers have a unique design on the left side.


Boxer shorts made from bamboo have many advantages over cotton,it falls softly and smoothly around the skin and you immediately feel the difference with cotton. It is breathable and absorbs 3x as much moisture (sweat) as cotton, making it very suitable for athletes. It is hypoallergenic and anti-allergic and therefore very suitable for people with sensitive skin. It is hygienic due to the antibacterial fabric that bamboo contains and prevents unpleasant odors. It is thermo-regulating and insulating and wears cool in summer and warm in winter.Bamboo fabric can be washed in the washing machine, preferably no higher than 40 degrees, preferably no fabric softener, and can also be put in the dryer.

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