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Felina Lingerie

We don't blame you here at Dutch Designers Outlet if the name Felina doesn't immediately spring to mind, but we do think it's high time we introduced you to each other. For over 130 years Felina has been designing lingerie that women dream of - and that men lie awake in. You might not expect so much elegant design when you think of a German designer house, but we have taken the title Felina bra outlet with justifiable pride with this extraordinary ladies lingerie.

Your own razor-sharp Felina bra outlet

If you've been looking for the best in women's lingerie since the end of the nineteenth century, you can expect a little quality by now. Well, leave that 'little' out of it, because Felina lingerie lifts the sector to a higher level with a selection of elegant panties, bras and large sizes. Felina doesn't just do that here, but all over the world, so as a Felina outlet we are rightfully promoting a global brand in women's lingerie. This gives you as a conscious lingerie seeker considerable advantages, because here the world famous quality of Felina comes together with the almost as world famous razor sharp prices of Dutch Designers Outlet.


Felina lingerie embodies more than a century of experience

If you try to go back from the modern panties and bras Felina makes today to the suspenders and corsets the company started out with over a century ago, you'll see that quality has always been at the heart of everything that makes Felina lingerie so special. Is it a piece of German thoroughness after all? We think it has more to do with designers who have been listening to what women want for over a century. The care with which Felina flirts with deliciously classic shapes already shows that real professionals are at work here. The way all these beautiful style statements are carried into the 21st century shows that Felina lingerie can easily continue to vary high quality women's lingerie without compromising on the very best.


A great brand for large sizes bras

If you have been around for so long in the world of better lingerie, you have seen a lot of trends and crazes come and go. The advantage of that experience is that you don't easily get carried away. That's why Felina dares to bet on timeless hits, of which the collection of spectacularly beautiful large bras is certainly one. With a large bust, the fit is an extra important factor, because a bit of comfort is often hard to find if you're not wearing the right model. Felina lingerie is not afraid to return to classic lingerie with the latest materials, giving large sizes bras the space they deserve. For panties and bras of timeless beauty, Felina is always the right choice, and vice versa, Felina's super-comfortable lingerie is always the right choice for you.

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