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HOM underwear for comfort

Hello gentlemen, welcome back! How good that you're shopping for HOM underwear at Dutch Designers Outlet. You have found the best site for HOM underwear for men. Of all the HOM points of sale, Dutch Designers Outlet is definitely one of the cheapest. You know that, as a man who has a nose for good stuff, of course. In fact, you've alerted your friends and girlfriends to this great site where you regularly get a good HOM underwear offer. They don't call you the underwear king of the circle of friends for nothing!

Black Mirco Trunk


Black Men Thong


HOM Rudy
Black Mirco Trunk


HOM Nairobi
Black Shirt


HOM Plume
Skin Men Thong


The seductive man of HOM

Of course, as a king, you want your subjects, we mean those below the belt, royally wrapped. At least in royal style. We believe that in addition to all those beautiful ladies, we should provide the fine men of this world with perfect underwear. If there's a brand that provides a 'generously' wrapped cross, it's HOM. HOM has released a very nice temptation line. They bring together soft microfibre fabrics, subtle patterns and beautiful lines in a line of men's underwear that is justly seductive.



Subtle and generous with guts, the Hom collection

No, you don't have to be a temptation island fan for this collection. That's a little too straightforward for you of royal underwear blood. Let's just say this collection unleashes the subtle seducer in you. You, the underwear king, love subtle hints and that includes boxer shorts, briefs or, if you want to give your pretty presents royal attention too, a HOM thong. The HOM collection of underwear for men has all styles in house and Dutch Designers Outlet has these styles in the HOM underwear sale for you. If that's not a generous offer?!



Hom underwear shop at Dutch Designers

Shop now all styles of HOM underwear for men at Dutch Designers Outlet. Your subjects will be delighted and your partner will be pleasantly surprised when they discover a fantastically good taste in underwear under your tight suit, fine jeans or good shorts. So, in the carriage and to Dutch Designers Outlet, you'll be a prince from now on. If you order on weekdays before 16.00, the suit will be shipped the same day.

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