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Tom Tailor men's boxer shorts

Tom Tailor, nice to meet you. Men's underwear that's really good. Just good shorts, boxers and underpants, or slips. That's what you're used to from this webshop. This brand has a few looser boxer shorts, but mostly tight men's boxers and men's briefs in a great fit. Not surprising when you consider that Tom Tailor underwear is made by free spirits, explorers and creatives. They have conceived and made it so that your underwear just may be seen and that it fits perfectly.

As long as your Tom Tailor underpants fit well

You'd think that underpants are underpants. Yes, but Tom Tailor wanted to make the best underwear. Men's underwear that fits well, doesn't pinch, keeps your whole thing in the net and is nice to look at. And they succeeded. Don't think it's easy. With ladies underwear as well as with men's underwear there is a bit more to it. The cut is important and most of all that you don't feel like you have been sitting on a wet bench for a while when wearing your underwear. It has to be airy and soft. The Tom Tailor underwear makes this true. And what's more, Tom Tailor underpants are remarkably inconspicuous. So no bananas or dolls. No, just good black, dark blue. Sometimes a stripe or a check. Nothing crazy, but therefore too crazy.


Tom Tailor shorts, you go for it for a long time

Tom Tailor men's underwear is developed by a company that has earned its spurs. Started in 1962, they bring with them a wealth of design experience. They not only make underwear, but also outerwear and womenswear. They are an all-rounder and you will benefit from it as a Dutch Designer Outlet customer. Tom Tailor wants to dress people, we want to give them the lingerie and underwear that fits. The shorts from Tom Tailor have a comfortable fit and are form-fitting. And you can tell if you have the real Tom Tailor around your hips, a logo badge on the front of the waistband gives you that subtle brand feeling. With shorts made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, you also know there's nice stretch in there and the bottoms are softly packed.


Tom Tailor men's underwear cheaper

Tom Tailor perfectly matches our ambition to offer really good men's underwear. And of course, as you expect from us: fine small prices for really nice men's boxers and underwear. Tom Tailor is often not alone. No the boxer shorts slips and shorts are per two or four in a nice tube. Are you equally ready and also cleans up so nice, right? Order on weekdays before 16.00 hours? We will pack Tom Tailor for you and give your package to the postman today.

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