Review Policy

Reviews are an essential part of online shopping. They are valuable to us as a web shop because we can learn from the consumers' experience and improve our service. They are also valuable because they can inform you - as a potential new consumer - about us: our product but also (sometimes outsourced) service.

For example, we have Guest Book Posts and Product Reviews.


Guestbook Posts

These messages circulate like a carousel on our front page and are generally in Dutch. However, a message in other languages is not unlikely. We send messages worldwide and anyone could leave a message here. We have stopped collecting guestbook messages since 2018 because there was a lot of spam coming in and the guestbook was also widely used as a contact method. The actual guestbook messages were brief and therefore we decided to close the book. On the other hand, the book is still insightful because it reflects experiences going back to 2008.


During the period when we received guestbook messages, they were moderated. We do not allow the following:


  • Customer questions about shipping, terms and conditions, size help or whatever.
  • SPAM - to the extent not already prevented.
  • Inappropriate language(for example, but not limited to: swear words, racial slurs, diseases, or verbiage) the message was set to non-public.
  • References - whether as URL or not - to other websites. Discounts, discount websites, acteis, campaigns or price differences compared to other providers or stores.
  • Commercial content and/or a commercial purpose.


The system does not allow us to rank differently in search engines like Google. So the impact was low and they were authentic responses. Of each message received, our first name, last name and e-mail address of the author are known.


Product reviews

We have been collecting product reviews since 2010 and today they are still actively - but automatically - collected. All product reviews are authentic and from real consumers who actually bought the specific product at Dutch Designers Outlet. It is not possible for consumers to post a product review about a product they did not order from Dutch Designers Outlet. This way we can be sure that product reviews are written by experts by experience.


The system is set up so that the consumer receives an invitation by e-mail to write a review on one or more items ordered. The consumer can only give a review on products when they have actually been sent. Thus, unfinished orders are not asked for a product review either.


The consumer can also go to the order history via his or her account and open a shipped order. A product overview is then displayed along with the option to write a review for each product. It is the same page that the customer is directed to if he or she accepts the request sent by email.


Product reviews are immediately visible and are not first reviewed by us or a third party. They are none of ours to modify in any way without the intervention of a third party: the web developer. This concerns both the number of stars given and any text entered by the consumer.


However, we may remove product reviews. We do this in the following cases:


  • If one or more terms and conditions (see guestbook posts) have not been met or if we have a reasonable suspicion of this.
  • If the review is about product information that was wrong at the time of purchase, but has since been updated. This is to prevent new customers from being confused.
  • When the module is used for asking customer questions.


A negative experience is never a reason for us to reject or delete a review. If the review meets the conditions, it will go online. No matter how negative or positive it is.


Reviews by third party

We are affiliated with Webwinkelkeur with which we collect more 'general reviews'. These reviews are mostly about our services and not so much about a single product. The reviews we actively recruit are based on actual orders sent. We only invite those consumers who have lived the full experience: from visiting our website to unpacking the goods.


The system is just not limited to the consumers approached. Everyone can and may leave his or her message here but we do apply the previously mentioned conditions. If we suspect that this is not met we will ask for moderation. That moderation is always via Webwinkelkeur and with a substantiation from our side.

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