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Bodys without underwire

Ladies, bodies without underwire or other supportive items, yes we sell those too with a nice discount! It's often nice to just feel fabric on your body and sometimes you just don't need underwire. Or maybe you don't like them at all. That's why we have a great selection of underwired bodies from all the major lingerie brands.

- 70%

Eva Mesh Me Up
Grey Body

69.95 20.99
- 70%

Eva Urban Cool
Green/Print Body

89.95 26.99

Bodysuits that give your ladies space

We have beautiful lace bodysuits without underwire, for example from After Eden. Nicely low-cut and in various beautiful basic colors. At Dutch Designers Outlet red is also a basic color. Take the After Eden body Florine, that is a beautiful body to show your body! There is a so-called padding in it, so your breasts look a little more rounded. Bodies without underwire give your beautiful ladies more space, while still being supportive. Under a nice jacket or under your finest dress or blouse, a body is very nice to wear. You can still choose whether you wear underwear under your body. In principle you don't have to, but of course you can choose to combine your beautiful lingerie with a body.


Busty Bodies

We like to come out busty, bodies are a basic in your closet. Every self-respecting beautiful lady should have one in her lingerie collection. And if it's up to us, that's perfectly possible, because we have a range that will make you lick your fingers. Without calories but definitely with delicious discounts. Underwired bodies come in various models. In the fashion corner of our online store you will find beautiful underwired bodies and long sleeved bodies by Lisca. These are actually shirts with an extension. They stay on beautifully and give a nice line to your outfit. But of course there are also transparent bodies without braces. As said of lace, but also of beautiful tulle. The brand Fuel For Passion gives you the fuel for an exciting start of your dressing session, with beautiful tulle black bodies without underwire.


Buy a body without underwire

Dutch Designers Outlet has all the bodies on the top shelf. For every body we have a good body, even without braces. The braceless bodies can be found in black, red and white, but also in fun colors and designs and with or without sleeves. Anita, Lisca, After Eden or Sapph, they all offer the best underwired bodies. And we give you a lovely discount on these beautiful body brands. That's a very nice start to your lingerie walk-in closet, right? Because with our prices, buying a body without underwire is a great start of a nice lingerie empire in your closet!

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