Marlies Dekkers Swimwear

Marlies Dekkers, the grand lady of Dutch lingerie. Who doesn't know her? For that one lady or gentleman who thinks, "Huh?" Marlies became famous in 1991 for her graduation work, the "bare bottom dress. A dress that is long in the front, but so short in the back that you walk in the bare bum. Lovely! We think so, at least then you can see the lingerie properly. Her first lingerie line was called Undressed and soon followed by Nightdressed nightwear, a men's line and Marlies Dekkers swimwear. Marlies even makes sunglasses! A busy little bee in other words.

- 60%

Marlies Dekkers Swimwear Isthar
Navy BLue Padded Bikini Bra

129.95 51.98
- 50%

Marlies Dekkers Swimwear Panthera
Red/Black Padded Bikini Bra

119.95 59.98
- 70%

Marlies Dekkers Swimwear Royal Navy
Navy BLue Padded Bikini Bra

129.95 38.99
- 70%

Marlies Dekkers Swimwear La Flor
Green Padded Bikini Bra

99.95 29.99

The most beautiful Marlies Dekkers swimwear, of course here

Be aware that with Marlies Dekkers swimwear you are wearing a work of art, because her clothes have been exhibited in several museums at home and abroad. The nice thing is: it's not arty farty, but wonderfully comfortable. So you will look out of art with a Marlies Dekkers bikini, swimsuit or her other swimwear. Marlies Dekkers swimwear is made of polyester and elastane, which ensures that your fine swimsuit, tankini or bikini will dry quickly and stretch. Very important, you can move fine and freely in it.


The Marlies Dekkers swimwear outlet, that's us

Dutch Designers Outlet is the Marlies Dekkers swimwear outlet. Not only the swimwear, but also most of the other beautiful and naughty Marlies Dekkers designs we sell. As Marlies Dekkers swimwear outlet we are unsurpassed in the Low Countries in the assortment we have of Marlies Dekkers. Sounds arrogant doesn't it? No, we're just proud as hell of it (buttocks, dress, get it?). The Marlies Dekkers swimwear on sale, just come shop with us online.


Order Marlies Dekkers swimwear online

It is very easy to order Marlies Dekkers swimwear online with us. You are already on the page, so the first step has been taken. Now don't get any selection stress, it is indeed a lot...we have a large assortment of Marlies Dekkers swimwear online, but that also means: something for everyone. And since we sometimes offer up to 80% discount on Marlies Dekkers swimwear, it might not even be such a bad idea to just purchase two of those waterwear artworks by Marlies Dekkers. With us, you buy right from stock, and if you order before 4 p.m. on weekdays, we'll make sure your package is in the mail the same day. You won't have to wait very long.

So, what else do we need? Sun, warmth, an ice-cold glass of dinken of our choice, a nice lounger, a good oilman or woman and a beautiful Marlies Dekkers swimwear set. Keep the summer coming!

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