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Boobs & Bloomers underwear for growing girls

Attention all girls and mothers: we ask your attention for a special occasion. It's a big deal for a girl when the time comes to buy her first bra, because it's an important step on the road from child to woman. That's why it's good that there is a brand that focuses on designing the best and cutest girls underwear. Boobs & Bloomers makes girls' swimwear, panties and bras that are especially designed for little ladies who are developing themselves. Playful patterns, cheerful colours and a nice sporty look make Boobs & Bloomers children's underwear the undisputed champion when it comes to taking the first step towards a real girl's wardrobe.

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Boobs & Bloomers Lilly
Fuchsia Girls Bra

19.99 9.99
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Boobs & Bloomers Cupcake
Grey Girls Bra

17.99 7.20
- 52%
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Boobs & Bloomers Faya
Pink/Print Girls Bra

19.99 9.50
- 50%

The cutest Boobs & Bloomers bikinis for girls

Young girls love spending their summers at the beach with their friends. Getting a nice tan, taking a dive now and then and chatting for hours about everything that concerns them, preferably all summer long. As a self-confident young lady, you want to look cute, so our collection of Boobs & Bloomers bikinis for girls will help you on your way - and at sunny prices too. You don't have to worry about that nice day at the beach or pool anymore, because Boobs & Bloomers bikinis know girls inside out and the fit is exactly tuned to a body that is growing and moving. Also, the materials are carefully chosen to keep their shape, color and super-fun prints in top condition all day, not only in the water, but also on dry land. Boobs & Bloomers swimwear designs girls bikinis just as they should be!


Your most beautiful Boobs & Bloomers children's underwear at Dutch Designers Outlet

Unfortunately, no girl can lie on the beach or stroll along the boulevards all year round. School, sports, and chilling out with your friends all compete for attention. In all that hustle and bustle, you have to be sure that you can rely on your underwear without being bothered by it. Boobs & Bloomers girls underwear is a few steps ahead of you in that respect, with girls bras that are slightly pre-shaped to give you the most comfortable fit, no matter what you wear on top. That makes a difference, because then you can occupy yourself with picking out the cutest designs, colors and patterns, which remains the core of beautiful girls' clothing. Then it's handy to know that Boobs & Bloomers designs a matching hipster for every girl's bra, so you can always pull the right set out of your closet. All of the Boobs & Bloomers girls underwear comes with bras in cup sizes AA to C, so not only can you be sure that it will fit and look good, but you can also count on being able to take the whole route to real women's lingerie calmly and carefree with Boobs & Bloomers. That's a good thing, because then you can enjoy your girlhood as long as possible!

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