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Nightdresses for ladies

Own the night with nightdresses from the most beautiful lingerie brands in the Netherlands. Because if you stay at home on Saturday night, there's really no reason to sit on the couch in your sweatpants anymore. Ravishingly beautiful night dresses and night gowns make it hard to choose: do I go between the sheets or roll into the nightclub? We have satin, cotton and lace nightdresses. With long sleeves or with spaghetti straps and a seductive back neckline.

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Satin Nightdresses

Satin is a fabric that you don't feel on your skin. Ideal material for nightdresses. Not for nothing is satin bedding popular for decades. So slip wonderfully between the sheets in different styles of satin nightdresses. Are you the passionate type? Then Fuel for Passion is your brand, or check out Sapph. Are you more of the quiet waters? Then After Eden is really for you. A bit of both? LingaDore will steal your heart with beautiful satin nightgowns.

Cotton nightdresses

Also very nice for the night are cotton nightdresses. You can find these more under the heading nightdresses. Great, because cotton absorbs moisture, well ladies also sweat away some moisture at night. But, cotton nightdresses, or nightshirts, also stay cool. It does not irritate your skin, in short, an ideal fabric for comfortably entering the bedroom.


Lace nightdresses

You can do anything with lace. In a lace nightdress you are the epitome of sexy seduction! Are you going all the way for lace? Then you really should scroll over to Sapph and Fuel for Passion. Although other brands have also designed lace nightdresses. LingaDore has a beautiful collection, which we are very happy to recommend, because this brand has designed such beautiful lace nightdresses that you can just whirl into the nightclub. Just slip on a pair of heels, let your hair down and go. Can also be worn in the bedroom...


Long Sleeve Nightgowns

Are you the warmth, softness and comfort type? Then you're looking for a long-sleeved nightgown. Then Cybéle is a wonderful brand if you want to wear something warm and delicate, and still want to be seductive. For a long sleeved nightdress you can also look at our selection of nightshirts, because that's what they are. But we also think it's just a nightdress. Because, sometimes a little me-time is great and being dressed for it is extra nice.


Black nightdresses

When you think black, you think night, at least we do. Black nightdresses are always good, honestly so good that we just call them evening dresses here at Dutch Designers Outlet. But we are the lingerie outlet headquarters of the Low Countries, so black nightdresses are a must in our collection. Actually, a little black night dress is a must have basic in your closet. Because, admit it, even a nightwear collection is just a basic in every beautiful woman's closet!? And with us you are also nice and affordable!


White nightdresses

Do you always want to shine? Then the white nightdresses are just for you. Fresh ice queens are right at home at Dutch Designers Outlet. We've got some beautiful white night dresses for you. How about the LingaDore snow white night dress? You could get married in that, couldn't you? If you already are, you can still celebrate white bread weeks in this beautiful dress. Everything is there: lace, white, nice fit and available up to size 4XL. Because we love queens!


Ultimate nightwear, the slipdresses

Not planning a slip, but like to be well dressed in the evening and night? Then the slipdress is the ultimate nightwear. A dress that you put on quickly, that is a slipdress. Often short, with spaghetti straps, in fine fabrics and in beautiful seductive colors. From very small to very large, all ladies are suitable for a quick slip in a slipdress. And you can just do that with your own partner. Don't want to slip on the budget? Then shop with us the finest ultimate nightwear, the slipdress with great discounts. You will never make a slip with us.

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