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A bomain tankini gives your body a lift

Bomain beachwear simply gets it. These days, most beachwear brands include tankinis in their range. And so does Bomain. Ladies, we know you are very choosy, which is why we have a huge range. Where a bikini leaves little to the imagination, and a swimsuit sometimes has too much fabric, the tankini is a nice compromise. It covers exactly what you want, when you don't feel beach-ready, but have an enormous need to refuel in the sun. What we also find very handy: that tankini top you can also very conveniently combine with jeans, a nice skirt or a nice long summer skirt. So actually buy a tankini like multiple outfits.

Bomain brings you the best in tankinis

Bomain is a very fine brand in that enormous range of ours, as you will have seen for yourself by now. We are fans of the Bomain tankini. As mentioned, you buy several outfits in one go. And, you don't have to think twice about taking your ticket to the tropics. We won't go into detail about whether you are out and about with Gerard Joling, or whether you have a nice tropical surprise on your arm, or whether you are really going to enjoy the tropics. But a Bomain tankini is a must for all three options. Gerard likes to stand out, your tropical surprise will want to feast his eyes and it's hot in the tropics, so a tankini is nice. Don't forget to apply sun block to keep your Bomain tankini lovely.


Bomain tankini outlet, where you can fill up with new outfits at the right price!

Speaking of refuelling, Bomain tankinis have names that transport you straight to the tropics. How about the Seychelles Tankini or the Galapagos Tankini? A dream in your shopping basket... and at such a great price too! We can do that at Dutch Designers Outlet. What we really like about this brand is that they play with prints, colors and looks. There is a beautiful jeans look tankini, a cheeky zebra print, but also a peacock print for the die-hard flaneerladies among us. Give yourself a Bomain tankini as a gift and if you do this from Monday to Friday before 4pm, we will send your package the same day. To the tropics if you must!

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