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RJ Bodywear practically gives a fine face

Hello, yes you, practical Dutchman, or PN-er. Of course it doesn't always have to be hipper, prettier and faster. But it has to be good. Let's have stoneware underwear. Welcome to RJ Bodywear. The Dutch boxershort brand for the hip, but also practical person. Dutch Designer Outlet is the RJ underwear outlet. And what's more practical than every time you shop with us online, you can find something new. Nothing, right?

Basics with balls

Of course, practical needs to look a bit of fun too. That's a good thing, then. At RJ bodywear they do that very well. Fine RJ underwear, and we take care of those fine prices. Welcome to the new trendy solidity, you can come for the day with RJ underwear. With a perfect fit, nice prints and comfortable fit, this will be your new favorite basic, just pay attention! You are proud to wear those RJ boxer shorts with distinctive waistband.


RJ boxer shorts for men and women

RJ Bodywear is a brand where you can find everything in the field of underwear, trendy shorts and boxer shorts in various colors for men and women! The designers of this brand have years of experience converted into underwear that fits like a glove. RJ boxer shorts are made of the best fabrics, they use the fabrics Tencel and organic cotton. That Tencel is as soft as silk, but at the same time as strong as polyester and very easy to maintain. An RJ boxershort stays beautiful no matter how often you wash it. So practical.


You wear RJ boxer shorts, but don't feel them.

With the ideal fit and a fine finish, you'll immediately understand why you don't feel like you're wearing RJ boxer shorts. What's also nice and practical, the RJ sweatproof collection is sweatproof. So if you suddenly get very hot during work, sports or, uh, on that nerve-racking date, then at least in the underwear area you won't notice it.


RJ Bodywear gives stretch to your budget

Let's see, have we ticked off all the practical points? Fit. Check. Top quality: check. Trendy colours and fine prints: check. Maintenance-friendly: definitely a check. Oh yeah, the price. You're now shopping at the largest online underwear outlet in the Netherlands. So a very good price, we also put a big tick behind it. And how handy: if you order before 4 p.m. on weekdays, those practical employees of Dutch Designer Outlet will ship your package today. Check it out!

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