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Long-sleeved bodysuits

We only talk about long-sleeved bodies on these pages. Because in our little country it is often necessary to wrap your body in something warm, so look for bodies with long sleeves. And a body with sleeves is the ultimate basic for this. And such a body with long sleeves for women can of course be found here.

Bodysuits with lace and long sleeves

Want something romantic on but covered up? Then a long sleeve body with lace is for you. Every self-respecting lingerie brand has a body with long sleeves and lace. And Dutch Designers Outlet has them on the top shelf with a nice discount, for you ladies! The long sleeve lace body may not be mega hot, but it is often mega sexy. Because covered and still a bit visible gives just that extra sexyness. And for the ultimate vamp look, a lace long sleeve body is totally beautiful of course, for example the Sapph Savage black body.


Black bodies with long sleeves

Take the LingaDore Black Flower black body, deliciously soft, a beautiful top for your jeans or trendy leather look skirt. The lace inserts is black and lace and body.


A long-sleeved body in black, like the little black dress, is a must-have in your closet. And a basic for in your lingerie wardrobe. Fashion and classic is always a good combination. A body long sleeve and V-neck is another classic look. For example the body Sapph Carly. Has it all: a body with lace, long sleeve, V-neck and shiny accents. Super sexy. From Sapph!


Red long sleeve bodysuits

Need even more vampiness and sexyness? Go for fiery red. A red long sleeve body will make you the ultimate delicious sexy woman. A body in red is very sensual. If it has a long sleeve, the body covers you more but because it is a red body long sleeve, you radiate that delicious warm vibe. This will warm up the (sleeping) room!


White long sleeve bodysuits

Do you want to emphasize your goody-goody side without getting too goody-goody? Then a beautiful white long sleeve body is also a basic item for your lingerie and closet. Brighten up your wardrobe with the Lisca Enjoy body in ivory for example. White stands for radiant, virginal and fresh. So freshen up your closet with a lace long sleeve body in white. A body in white with long sleeves gives you the perfect bravado without being too fussy.


Long sleeve thong bodies

Okay, back to that sexy hot lady hiding under your sweater and jeans for a moment. Ever thought about a long sleeve thong body? Sexy covered on top, but oelala, under those jeans the buttocks are just fine! The Sapph Savage black body has it all. Anyway, Sapph is the brand for those ladies who want to look vampy, but keep that under the radar from time to time. Only for your intimate circle does the body go all-out. And of course we only applaud that!

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