What are Samples

Samples are products that have served to present future collections to retailers or designed for special assignments. These products often lack size and/or wax labels (they are removed before the photo shoot so that they are not accidentally visible on photos) and are often still provided with handwritten labels.


Samples may differ in colour and detail from the later 'original' model, as intended for the consumer market. Keep this in mind when combining a sample with an 'original'. Moreover, samples may also differ from each other* so that they do not always exactly match the picture shown. This, plus the fact that samples are not always produced as 'original', makes a sample truly unique.


*Many sample models differ from the pictures shown; additional straps or accessories shown may have been removed for various reasons or are not present on all sample models. In some cases there are no straps or accessories on the picture, but they areattached to it. Sometimesa strap is wider or narrower or attached differently than on the picture shown; is a buckle or other decoration different in size, shape or color or is missing in its entirety. Often several types of elastic or lace have been used in the production of sample models, so that finishes per sample may differ from the picture shown. A sample model may also be different from the 'original' because it has been decided to make the production line from different materials or a different fit.


Dimensions are generally limited. The sizes we mention are those mentioned on labels or cards that are attached to the samples when we receive them.


Because sample items are not manufactured for resale, these items do not go through standard quality control. As a result, it is not possible to claim the manufacturer's guarantee that applies to 'normal' lingerie or swimwear.

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