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Hot summers, better bikinis

Ha, you've already discovered our bikini collection. You can't really avoid it, because as much lingerie as we have, the bikini and swimwear collection keeps growing as well. Because we believe that a beautiful body can be wrapped in a beautiful way at all times, with minimal means but certainly with maximum effect. So if you don't want to hoist yourself in a nice set of lingerie because you're in hot water, our advice this summer is: bikinis!

LingaDore Beach Tropic Floral
White/Print Padded Bikini Bra


LingaDore Beach Shine Brighter than the Sun
Hot Pink Set


LingaDore Beach Nectar The Colour of Joy
Peach Pink Set


LingaDore Beach Tropic Floral
White/Print Padded Bikini Bra


LingaDore Beach Blue Stripes
Blue/White Padded Bikini Bra


LingaDore Beach flowers All Over
Black/White Padded Bra


LingaDore Beach Palm Leaf
Blue/Print Padded Bikini Bra


LingaDore Beach Fishbone
Ivory/Print Padded Bikini Bra


Bomain Structure Dot
Blue/White Set


Bomain Luxury Stripe
Ivory/Print Set


Bomain Mystic Flower
Navy/Print Set

- 50%

Marlies Dekkers Swimwear Isthar
Navy BLue Padded Bikini Bra

129.95 64.98
- 30%

Marlies Dekkers Swimwear Panthera
Red/Black Padded Bikini Bra

119.95 83.97
- 60%

After Eden Kauai
Khaki Set

49.99 20.00

Bikinis for every size available

It is by now common knowledge among our fans, we are not a site for only model sizes, we sell you a bikini that really fits well. Because with a bikini, it's just like with good lingerie: the better it fits, the more beautiful your line will appear. Whether you're a size 34 or a size 54. Because our swimwear collection is so varied, that there really is something for every body. And the prices vary too, but are always very nice at Dutch Designers Outlet. What you really expect from us. Small prices for all the girls!


Need bikini bottoms? Go wild with us

Are you the type who likes to throw all the balls in the air? Then you'd rather not have a bikini, but a bikini bottom is all you need. We've got thongs for the exuberant buttocks, shorts for the shy backsides, bow-ties for the romantic bottoms, tight Brazilian bottoms for the tropical bum and high-tops for the bum that likes to play hide-and-seek with the tummies. Are you an expert in all of the above? Well, we say... fill up the basket!


Bikini tops, you can never have too many of them

If you're more of a lady who prefers to let your nether regions breathe, we have the tops for you to emphasize your nether regions. Okay all kidding aside... Ladies get it: sometimes you come back from vacation and you just lost your top, forgot it, or it just doesn't fit us anymore. At Dutch Designers Outlet you can also buy bikini tops without bottoms. And if you want to combine with different brands, you can at DDO! Because we offer bikinis at such great prices and we have so many beautiful brands like Sapph swimwear, Marlies Dekkers bikinis, Bomain, LingaDore, Anita swim...the list is almost endless. And we allow you to combine them all.


The bikini outlet of the Low Countries

Where our small country can be big. You already know that, because you are reading this, we just have the biggest bikini outlet of the Low Countries in our little country. The summers are getting hotter, so the bikini weather is getting better. We offer you the most beautiful swimwear brands, the finest bikini fashion and the best prices for it all. In the weekend we try out all bikinis ourselves, but on weekdays we post your order the same day, if you order before 16.00 hours. Happy summer!

Dutch Designers Outlet

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