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At Dutch Designers Outlet you'll always find what you're looking for, and usually just that little bit more. Not surprising when you consider that we are the largest outlet in the Netherlands and Belgium, because with our huge range, you not only see what you can find in stores, but much more than you thought possible. Our tankinis are a great example of this. Usually you have to search for them in the city, but with us you get all major brands clearly listed. And then those prices... Just try to say no to that!

- 40%
- 40%

Anita Beach Hatutu
Black/Print Pregnancy Tankini

69.95 41.97
- 40%

Anita Beach Marietta
Raspberry Tankini Set

119.95 71.97

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When we say that at Dutch Designers Outlet we have an assortment that is more complete than any other player on the market, we mean it! We have an assortment of more than ten thousand absolute top items in the field of Dutch quality design. And an increasingly popular design as the tankini certainly belongs there, we think. And not just one tankini from a mainstream brand, no, here you'll find all the tankini designs from the major designers together. You'll find all the major players in the world of lingerie and swimwear here, but with one major difference compared to other lingerie websites: the price. We have excellent connections in the world and we're close to the fire, so the deals we can get for you are not bad at all!


Tankinis for ladies who like a graceful twist

Tankinis are a special combination, it's a top based on a tank top as you know it in fashion, but made in swimwear fabric. Choosing a tankini means that you want to stand out in a subtle way, because in the summer sun at the beach you want to show your best side without exposing everything.


All major tankini brands at a glance

You choose subtle and elegant swimwear. And you'd like the best design at the best price too, thank you very much! You might as well go all the way and choose the best that Nederland Designerland has to offer you, right? Maybe you think that our designer tankinis won't fit into your holiday budget, but then you really should come and have a look at our summer soft prices, because we take our job as a designer outlet seriously! At Dutch Designer Outlet your discount can easily reach up to 85% of the normal retail price, so here a top class tankini is within reach for everyone!


Buy your tankini online at a great price

The price is always favorable at Dutch Designers Outlet, so that's a nice way to shop when you're looking for a good tankini online. The convenient overview that our shop offers you is a plus, because you can check if you've found the best deal. That is the beauty of an outlet with all major brands in one row. Once you have found your perfect tankini, you can order it from the comfort of your own home, so you can calmly wait until we deliver your order quickly and safely to your door. You'll have plenty of time to dream about your vacation, because with your new designer tankini in your suitcase you can count on a first-class place in the sun!

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