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Sapph Bodies

Sapph bodies, just as naughty as the Sapph lingerie that you are used to from this self-willed and very Dutch brand. Sapph is at Dutch Designers Outlet one of the basic brands. We sell Sapph bodies with high discounts. The bodies of Sapph are not only seductively priced, they also make sure that your seductively delicious body looks good wrapped. You can leave that to this naughty and juicy brand.

No body without a Sapph body

How are you feeling today? A little vampy? Or more down to sexy Earth? Or just, just delicious! For every mood Sapph has a body. For when you want to be done with your underwear in one go. Or if you just want to let a nice lace under a jacket look sexy. Or for when you just don't feel like wearing a bra and pants from Sapph. Can, may...We have that too. We have Sapph bodies in black(lots of black), pink, khaki but all different. Or in virgin white, for your Beautiful-Maria-Mood. And you just can't go wrong with a Sapph body.


Every house a Sapph body press button crotch

What is so great about a Sapph body? Well, we'd love to explain that to you at Dutch Designers Outlet: Sapph Lingerie is a brand with which you can show your vampy girl. While wearing a good base. That's one thing. A body is a garment with which you can cover up any lesser points, while at the same time wearing a good pair of underwear. That's two. You also don't have to worry about whether a bra or panty will match. With a Sapph body, with any brand body for that matter, you have your top and pants, tadaaa, right on. And last but not least: the bodies close with a few snaps or press studs in the crotch. Always handy, because then you don't have to wriggle out of your body when you go to the bathroom. Finally, a body is always right in your pants or skirt or leggings. Doesn't creep up, doesn't pull up. How fantastic is that?


Sapph body with long sleeve, can also be for you

A Sapph body is super trendy and therefore very easy as we just explained. Often the Sapph bodies have a long sleeve. But also a short sleeve or a body with sexy straps is possible. In sizes small to extra large, the body's of Sapph are made for all women. As the brand itself says: All women deserve to treat themselves to Sapph! Often you spend just too little time to store for your perfect lingerie, but with us you can enjoy hours of shopping, just from your lazy chair.


Sapph bodies with discounts juicy in your closet

Sapph is a brand that makes shopping fun. Because of the large selection, the lingerie brand Sapph is popular with many women. We at Dutch Designers Outlet understand that. All women deserve a nice discount on their Sapph body! We offer you Sapph bodies for the juiciest prices and with a nice discount up to 60%. So super fast on to your Sapph body! Fill up your closet with these sexy and delicious bodies, so you always have something to wear to every special occasion!

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