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Björn Borg seduces ladies and gentlemen

Björn Borg, once a charming world-class tennis player, has had a world-class clothing line for decades. Björn Borg underwear has conquered the world and has become an integral part of underwear country. And rightly so, because the Björn Borg designers have done pioneering work when it comes to underwear that is more than just a pair of briefs that no one can, should or wants to see. The distinctive sleek style of Björn Borg boxer shorts for men is now indispensable in any bedroom or dressing room, but there is also more than enough beauty for women to find in the assortment of this world brand. Reason enough for Dutch Designers Outlet to keep a hefty collection of Björn Borg in stock. We go for game, set and match with your wallet!

Björn Borg underwear of top level

Björn Borg underwear is instantly recognisable: the brand name is prominently present on the waistband and Björn Borg underwear stands out because of its sleek supple looks and always surprising colours. Björn has very fine designs for both men and women. Björn Borg women 's boxers are not inferior to the classic Björn Borg boxer shorts for men. With a combination of sleek plain fabrics or playful prints and the high quality materials you can be sure that your intimate zone is packed nicely. The fabric of your Björn Borg underwear is cool, light and airy. So whether you need to keep all the balls high in the office or hit a ball after work, you're always a matchwinner in the lower areas.



Björn Borg collection for a winning set

Björn Borg has for him regular boxer shorts, but also a wide range of micro shorts, for her there are hipsters, strings and mini shorts. As an enthusiastic Björn Borg outlet we even go a step further, because for a Björn Borg swimsuit you've come to the right place. Are you looking for the dividing line between a tough, sporty look and the high quality standards of the international lingerie elite? Then Björn Borg is an excellent choice. There you have the best of both worlds. For your first, second and next winning set you surf through our outlet to the inexpensive Björn Borg women's shorts and men's boxers. It's great that a global brand keeps an eye on the price: it's even better that we as Björn Borg outlet are able to get just a little bit more off those prices!



The Björn Borg outlet of the Low Countries

Sporty, supple, playful, sexy... Björn Borg underwear has it all. Our offer matches the cute patterns and motifs with the term 'Perfect Fit' that suits Björn Borg. With our sharp purchasing strategy, the perfect fit goes seamlessly into a purchase that fits your budget perfectly. Trust us, because even with world brands like Björn Borg underwear we make sure we remain the biggest outlet in designer lingerie in the Low Countries.


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