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RJ Bodywear men, for real men

RJ Bodywear would like to introduce itself to you gentlemen. A brand with balls, only not as a design on the boxer shorts. Fortunately. Dutch Designers Outlet sells boxers, shirts and fine socks from RJ Bodywear men. The basics that men need to start the day comfortably. No crazy prints, but beautiful color combinations, fine fabrics and great comfort. So you always have a nice set under your clothes, whether it's a suit or a good pair of jeans with a sweater. The RJ socks also keep your feet warm. You are ready to go.

The RJ Bodywear men's boxer shorts pop.

RJ Bodywear boxer shorts have a perfect fit that does not distract from the business it is in. The boxer shorts for men are available in fine, basic colours that perfectly match your trousers, shirt or shorts. Because we love practicality, but we also love colour coordination of course. Because if it matches, it does not distract. Are you not averse to a little more color? Then RJ Bodywear is your brand. With beautiful tone on tone combinations, or a subtle line play in black and white for example. Or something more daring, gray and pink. It always remains sophisticated. RJ boxer shorts are made from the finest fabrics, they use the fabric Tencel. This is as soft as silk, but at the same time as strong as polyester and sweatproof, very convenient!


Get fashionable feet with RJ Bodywear socks

A white foot is no longer of this time, the "white socks with slippers" fashion we hope we are past. Just take a nice set of socks from RJ Bodywear. They are available in solid colors and fine color combinations. So you can match your shirt and boxer with your socks. It's been thought about at RJ Bodywear. Because, admit it, even men love a nice set. And it's just that much nicer for partners when a good set shows up.


RJ Bodywear men's shirts, basics rules

The RJ Bodywear men 's shirts are fine plain shirts that can very well be worn under a shirt. To be honest, we like them so much that they also look good on trousers or jeans. They show your torso beautifully because the shirts are slightly fitted. Furthermore you will not be bothered by annoying labels, because the label is printed as a transfer print. Furthermore all shirts have flat stitched seams, so nothing rubs or pinches. Add to that the extensive color collection and the delightfully small price and we think you'll just throw a few in your shopping basket.


RJ Bodywear Men now save money

You already know, because you're already on our website, but we like to shout it from the rooftops: Dutch Designers Outlet is truly the finest Dutch brand outlet online! And with the collection of RJ Bodywear men, we serve you as Practical Dutchman very happy. So shop your basics from RJ Bodywear at great prices and order on weekdays before 16:00. We make sure that on those days your package leaves the door.

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