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Nightshirts for ladies

Well, a nightshirt ladies, does not sound immediately super sexy. But make no mistake, today's nightwear is extremely varied. So many beds, so many sets. You can dive between the sheets with your nightshirt completely matched to your bedding, or bed partner. Are you a real nightshirt woman? Then you will find your entire nightwear collection here. So dive into bed with your laptop and shop your favorite nightshirt! We would like to take you into the wonderful world of nightwear variations.

Nightshirts with spaghetti straps

We start with the nightshirt with spaghetti straps, a favorite of many ladies. Supple, sexy, often made of soft fabrics like satin or cotton. With a nice v-neck or lace. A nightshirt with spaghetti straps can't really be missing from your night wardrobe. Often worn as lingerie item and on warmer days such a nightdress can also be combined during the day, if you dare. Sits well, looks great and you don't feel that you are wearing anything. Pure elegance. Brands like LingaDore and Cybéle have beautiful spaghetti strap nightshirts.


Nightshirts in satin

A nightshirt made of satin is pure luxury on your skin and in your bedroom. By the way, even in a hotel bed a satin nightshirt looks beautiful. Just think how you would curl up on your bed on vacation, right in front of an open balcony door, evening breeze coming in. Sounds good doesn't it! Fuel for Passion knows how to lay down sensually like a seductive diva on the -also satin- sheets. But LingaDore also seduces with satin, in a more subtle way. So every style lady has a satin nightshirt.


Nightshirts in cotton

A cotton nightshirt is for the ladies without frills, but like a warm body. The nightshirt cotton ladies love practicality and prints. Well that's easy to combine! The brands Lingadore, Cybéle and Pastunette have wonderful cotton nightshirts for ladies in their collection. Which we in turn will gladly sell to you. Nice and comfortable, with long sleeves, cool prints and easy to put on by buttoning. And nice, the fabric absorbs moisture and water well and remains cool and airy in warm weather. That's what you want from beautiful nightwear.


Nightshirts from flannel

Are you a real shivery person? Then a nightshirt made of flannel will do you good. We always have a nightshirt in flannel for ladies in our collection. Nothing is warmer, softer and more comfortable. You wrap yourself up in a lovely warm embrace with such a nightshirt. Often flannel is also called jersey, so do not be fooled, is both wonderfully warm. LingaDore for example, has wonderful nightshirts in beautiful models. Rebelle is also a brand with wonderful flannel nightshirts.


Nightshirts made of silk

Silk is like wearing nothing at all. It feels so good on your skin. Nightshirts made of silk are both sensual and sensational. With delightful designs and perfectly fitting models, a silk nightdress is the perfect nightdress. Silk stays cool, gives your body space and feels... like silk!


Long nightshirts

In the winter you want to be warm. Long nightshirtsladies, they will keep you warm at all times. Don't look for a fight with you, don't have cold feet and don't release crazy odors in bed. They are beautiful, fine, comfortable and you just want ten pieces of a long nightshirt in your nightwear closet. Also in terms of nightshirts, LingaDore has designed beautiful ones. But don't forget Cybéle, Pastunette and Rebelle. Rebelle has nightshirts that you can wear all day long. From night to day. That's what we call relax-fashion at Dutch Designers Outlet.


Black nightshirts

Black nightshirts, another basic for your fashion closet. The night starts with beautiful black. We have all kinds of nightshirts in black. Long black nightshirts, short babydolls, seductive nightshirts in black with spaghetti straps. Dutch Designers Outlet has it. The black nightshirts from Sapph, LingaDore and Fuel for Passion are so beautiful, you can just go out with them. But you can also definitely make it through the night with them!


White nightshirts

And then there are the white nightshirts for women. Beautiful for summer, seductive in winter. Like an ice princess into bed, if you choose a white nightshirt with straps and lace. Or like a cool queen dressed in a warm flannel or cotton white nightshirt. It also has something pure and fresh, a white nightshirt. Just as basic as a black nightshirt. So just buy it too.


Nightshirts on sale

With such an assortment of nightshirts on sale, you can wear a different nightshirt every day. And with the nice discounts that Dutch Designers Outlet gives on nightshirts, there is no excuse for not shopping your nightshirts. Whether black, white, with or without sleeves and long or short ... all models nightshirts that you order on weekdays before 16.00 hours, the same day in the trolley of the letter carrier. So you can sleep soundly.

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