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Brunotti boxer shorts

You might be surprised: Brunotti, a surf brand, in the collection of the largest lingerie outlet in the Netherlands and Belgium? Yes, because if you think Brunotti only designs surfer gear, you need a fashion update! The Brunotti sale selection that you will find here proves that knowledge of underwear and a sporty outlook on life are a great combination, so browse through our Brunotti collection at your leisure!

Brunotti boxers for comfort under all circumstances

When you choose Brunotti boxers, you know that underneath that fabric hides not only a valuable piece of your anatomy, but also a whole world of experience with performance under extreme conditions. Because if you start from the perspective of a surfer, you automatically go for materials and designs that can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. What makes Brunotti boxer shorts so special is the middle ground the brand has found between extremely durable fabrics and resistant designs on the one hand, and ultimate comfort on the other. When you're about to catch that giant curling wave, you don't want to feel a seam running crookedly across your left buttock, and fortunately Brunotti understands this very well. Even if you have never seen a surfboard up close before, it is comforting to know that your Brunotti underwear keeps everything perfectly in place.


Brunotti underwear can be bought quick and cheap at Dutch Designers Outlet

What could be better than a super tight fitting piece of men's underwear of absolute top quality? Exactly: the same piece of top fashion, but with an extra discount! Dutch Designers Outlet knows exactly what it takes to get the biggest brands for the smallest prices, so even for your Brunotti underwear, you won't find better deals than in our range. Our complete assortment and our razor sharp prices make it simply unwise to go looking in the store. Choosing from a wide range of top brands, delivered to your door quickly and easily, and at such competitive prices: that's just not worth leaving the house for, is it? No, just enjoy it, because here you can order your newest Brunotti boxer shorts from your easy chair, even in your underwear!


Tight yet supple in your own Brunotti shorts

It should be obvious why Dutch Designers Outlet simply must have a Brunotti menswear collection. Brunotti may sound Italian, and so was its original founder, but the fashion house only really took off when it settled in our own town of Scheveningen. Now that Brunotti is a world famous Dutch fashion brand we do not want to do anything else, because so tight and yet so supple, you will only find that in a Brunotti boxer with a lot of surfing experience incorporated in the design. Whether you are on your racing bike, in the gym or just sitting in the car on your way to work, you will notice it immediately. No matter how your daily routine looks, in a Brunotti boxer you will notice that sporty, sleek and flexible do not miss the mark in any lifestyle!

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