Swimwear for girls

Girls bikinis, you'll find them at Dutch Designers Outlet. Because we know very well that the quality of Dutch design is not only for your mother, your aunt or your old cousin. Because we are the largest in the Netherlands and Belgium when it comes to homegrown lingerie, we also have a large selection of girls swimwear. And that's why you'll find the coolest girls bikini here, because with over ten thousand items in stock, we have something for every age and size. You can be sure that all chickies will find great brands for small prices here, especially when beach season is around the corner!

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Swim in the big brands

Girls wanttrendy swimwear. So girls swimwear is simply indispensable in our swimwear collection. We have all the big lingerie brands in house, and they often make the coolest bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits too. Yes, also in your size. Not surprisingly, Dutch Designers Outlet knows exactly who to turn to in order to get the best deals for every pretty girl. We only settle for the best bikinis for girls, of the best quality and for the very best price.


Children's swimwear, all in one row

It does not matter what brand you are looking for, because Dutch Designers Outlet has the girls bikinis of all major brands. Take Marlies Dekkers and After Eden. Yes of course you want as a hip girl to wear a bikini. And we also sell girls bikinis of Sapph of course. Do you know that there are also Dutch global brands that just design girls swimwear? Brands like Shiwi or Nickey Nobel: definitely not childish names. So that you wear a kapót beautiful design on the beach. Together with your mother, grandmother and your crazy aunt, because they also succeed here.


Great girls bikinis

What makes a girls bikini so great? You tell us, you as a customer are the expert. We think it's the colors for example. Hello, those have to be cheerful enough when you go out in the sun. That does not happen that often in this small country! And your bikini, tankini or swimsuit should be really comfortable. A flexible and comfortable fit is what your parents say. We just say it has to be super comfortable. We are not sure, but in the end there is always a little bit of magic in the design process of your new swimwear.


Fine girls swimwear, very fine prices

Let's face it, we don't know exactly, if we could put our finger on it, we'd be better off creating our own line of designer girls bikinis. Therefore, Dutch Designers Outlet just continues to do what we do best: make the best deals you can find, with the best brands the market has to offer. Whether you're looking for a girls bikini or just a cool swimsuit, at Dutch Designers Outlet you're always sure to pay the right price for the top of the Dutch league!

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