Washing instructions

The right way of washing, drying and storing your lingerie and swimwear ensures a long lifespan. This way, your favourite set stays in top shape:



The best thing for your bra is hand wash. Rather not wash and wring out too enthusiastically. This will damage the elastic fibres. The cups can also wrinkle and deform the bra straps.




We advise you to wash briefs at 30°C. Check the care label on your articles whether you need to wash at a lower temperature or with a separate programme. Always wash panties with beads or stones in a laundry bag. A print is always best if you wash the panties inside out.




  • After each use, rinse the swimwear thoroughly by hand in lukewarm water, possibly using a small amount of liquid detergent. Make sure the detergent has been rinsed out thoroughly and rinse with vinegar water before drying the swimwear.
  • Do not use fabric softener after washing swimwear.
  • Bathwear should be left to dry outdoors, never in the sun but only in the shade.
  • Never tumble dry or heat dry your swimwear.
  • Never store your swimwear wet or damp, or leave it in a bag for long periods of time (this will allow colours to run and the growth of microorganisms attacking the material will be high).
  • Avoid contact with rough surfaces e.g. concrete floors, tile walls or rough pavement tiles. Think of your swimwear as precious nylons and you will automatically find the right seat. By the way, sand grains that have not been rinsed out can also damage the fabric.
  • Be careful when using slides, this causes rapid wear of the swimwear, and the friction can even burn the fabric, causing weak spots or even holes.
  • Sun protection is indispensable. Lubricate before putting on your swimsuit and leave it on for 20 minutes (recommended by cosmetics experts). If you use cream again in the sun, avoid contact with the swimwear as much as possible. Not only will you get stains, but the cream will also affect the fabric.
  • Do not use shampoo or other hair care products that need to be rinsed out when wearing the swimwear.
  • Extreme situations, such as salinity in the sea, chlorine in the water, sun rays, sand or harsh detergents all affect the colour intensity of the swimwear. White and silver swimwear is discoloured by iron-containing water, chlorine and salt water.
  • High concentrations of these discolour elastomer as well as cotton fibres.
  • If the swimwear is worn one after the other for a long period of time, we advise you to change regularly because of the effect perspiration can have on the fabric.
  • If possible, always remove accessories before washing your swimwear.




Put it away.
Most women fold the cups. For preformed bras, we do not recommend doing this, as the filling of the cups will then be damaged more quickly. Tip: put your bras in your cupboard in the full length.

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