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Anita Maternity

Hello, you. Lovely on your pink cloud after the birth of your baby. How nice to enjoy those little sounds, soft hair and big eyes together. That pink cloud is perhaps also caused by the lack of sleep, because yes, that little one wants to drink very often. So maybe you are not thinking about shopping, being sexy or lace suspenders. But you do want to feel good in your underwear.
That's what Anita has come up with, Anita Maternity. A series of panties, pants and bras for just after your pregnancy

- 30%

Anita Maternity Polka Dot
Black Maternity Bra

49.95 34.97
- 30%

Anita Maternity Polka Dot
Grey/WHite Maternity Bra

49.95 34.97
- 30%

Anita Maternity Twin
Black Maternity Bra

44.95 31.47
- 30%
- 40%

Anita Maternity Basic
White/Grey Maternity Bra

57.95 34.95

Anita Maternity pull tight

Take the ReBelt Panty from Anita Maternity, this panty has been praised by many post-pregnant ladies. This Anita ReBelt Panty is specially designed to get your figure back after your pregnancy / delivery. This high-rise panty with an extra closure piece ensures that your belly, waist and buttocks can get back into shape and that your lower back is also well supported. Thanks to the clever design, these pantyhose are very comfortable and do not pinch. Have you had a caesarean section? Then this is also a very fine slip to wear.


Anita Maternity for an old fashioned flat belly

How?", we hear you think. Anita Maternity panties work according to the age-old principle of the old-fashioned closing sheet. That's a kind of extra layer that is extra elastic. This gives you pressure on your belly and it will be "pushed" back into shape, so to speak. And so nice, also the muscles are activated. A work out without work actually. We love it. It also helps to get your long abdominal muscles back into shape faster and, last but not least, it reduces the stretch marks you may have gotten during pregnancy.


With Anita Maternity bras, everything is packed beautifully

For feeding your baby a nursing bra is very nice, you don't have to fiddle around with straps and crazy cups, by the simple feeding clip you can let your baby drink properly. Because the eye also wants something, the Anita Maternity nursing bra is also available in a nice flower pattern. But also in white, if you are more of a pure person. And of course Anita Maternity provides matching panties, with a total set you are just that little bit more dressed up, that feels just a little bit better.


Anita Maternity also provides smart briefs

Don't feel like wearing corrective briefs? Or just not comfortable? Anita's Maternity-line also has some nice soft briefs in her assortment. Bonus: just buy those when you are pregnant! The panties are designed to grow with your belly. For example, there are extra pleats on the front. This way your panties stay in place, even when your baby is growing nicely in your belly. Anita has also cleverly created an extra elastic leg insert, so that your panties won't pinch around your legs.


Anita Maternity, your best friend during and after pregnancy

We have lifted you all the way up to that pink order cloud, of course that is also because of the great Anita Maternity collection. And also for this line we have to say: if you order before 16:00 on working days, we will send you that lovely set the same day. Dreams do come true!

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