Red bodies

Every now and then you feel the need for some fire. Red bodies are then very suitable for adding power to that passion. From fiery red to chic bordeaux red. A body in red for women is a powerful statement, whether you are a fiery little redhead, a stately blonde or a beautiful brunette, red suits everyone. Say it yourself, passion in your lingerie closet becomes a lot clearer with such a beautiful signal color, right?


The year has only just begun, and with it, February - the month of love - is upon us. Of course, you can quietly wait and see what will happen on Valentine's Day. Maybe you'll receive a red rose from a secret admirer or your partner will send a romantic card. You can also take charge and dress yourself in sexy Valentine's Day lingerie. That's a gift for both yourself and your partner. Although a partner is not necessarily a reason to wear sexy lingerie... ❤️

- 45%

Anita Ancona
Bordeaux Body

119.95 65.97
- 70%

Fuel For Passion Joy
Bordeaux Body

162.00 48.60

Bodysuits in red lace

We see a red body made of lace as a basic for your lingerie outfits. Black bodies, white bodies and red bodies: these three colors are essential. All the more so because red lingerie and therefore also a red body is invisible under white clothing. Really, yes really. A red body under a white dress works better than a white bra or a white body. You can go all out with a super sexy red lace body from After Eden, which provides the right lace in the right places. You don't have to turn on the heater anymore when you show up in such a gorgeous lace red body copy. Help the environment a bit too.


Bordeaux red bodies, as delicious as the wine

Bordeaux red bodies, those are for the sophisticated ladies with the hills and valleys like a French vineyard. Tastes just as good and puts on a lot less. The beautiful brand Anita Lingerie has for example the beautiful Ancona bordeaux body. A corselet with a firm correction, but with the appearance of a beautiful wine, soft sheen, full body and you get subjet long legs. Every connoisseur calls this a top body. The three-piece cup with high support function ensures that your grapes remain perfect in the sun, while the shaping effect provides a rolling hill landscape.


A red body for your curves

There are a few brands that we carry at Dutch Designers Outlet that design beautiful bodies, also in one of the fifty shades of red. Red is the color of passion, love and fiery eroticism. Well, we'd love to have some of that... with red goji berries! Fuel for Passion is such a beautiful Dutch brand that also designed a beautiful bordeaux red body. Pure fun, and that's the name of the body: Joy. A trendy push body that makes you steal the show. Not much to look at, but that is exactly the intention! You show why you like to stoke the fire.


In short, the above passionate plea for the red body, if not with lace is because we believe that, besides black and white, you should also be able to embrace the red side of your body. If we add a nice discount, we think there will be some fire in the air, while running to the shopping cart. If you do that before 16:00 on a workday, we will passionately send your package on its way to you the same day. So you can go and lie down in front of the fireplace.

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