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As our loyal fans know, Dutch Designers Outlet loves a bit of allure and class, but only if it can be arranged at a nice price. Usually we manage just fine with top lingerie from Dutch soil, but here and there we like to make a small exception. Armani 's underwear and sock collection are well worth such a side-step into the international designer world, so among our more than 10,000 articles you'll always find something beautiful to wrap up your manhood at world-class level!

Armani underwear unleashes the wild man in you

Armani knows it all too well: far too often you (and we) see that lingerie - and especially designer lingerie - is automatically linked to women and femininity. Nonsense of course, because brands like Armani have been showing and feeling for years that real men can look just as good in beautiful designs as women. And that makes women just as happy as men. The shorts and briefs that this world leader is adorning the catwalk are clearly not for the faint-hearted: all the lines and shapes of a well-curved man's body are refined by the typical Armani touch. And we have even more to make you design-full.


Armani men's boxers is fitting with class

Whether you are looking for the best in the extremely popular Armani boxer shorts, or for the classic charm of a top of the range Armani men's slip, you simply cannot go wrong with the Dutch Designers Outlet Armani collection. The designers behind the renowned Armani fashion lines are unparalleled in combining appearance and comfort. Never too much of a good thing, but always just enough of the best, so you can safely describe this men's lingerie. Designs that at first glance seem unremarkable always turn out to be well thought-out and balanced upon closer inspection. This way every Armani boxer or brief automatically ensures that all your designer fashion items fit with class.


With Armani shirts and shorts, your fashion sense is clear as day

Fashion statements for men are becoming more and more common. That's why we sell not only boxer shorts and briefs, but also Armani socks, Armani slippers and Armani shirts. Do you want to be part of the ultimate Armani logo-mania? Then Dutch Designers Outlet is the place to be. Looking good has long ceased to be a typical female activity, because men have long since had to admit that they actually enjoy receiving rave reviews from time to time. So it's nice to have addresses where you know you can trust that something beautiful will be waiting for you, even if you don't want to pay incredible amounts of money for it. Men of Belgium and the Netherlands, you are fortunately allowed to show your fashion sense to the world, so shop your collection of Armani here at a fair price!

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