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Marlies Dekkers Bikinis

Marlies Dekkers ' bikinis are instantly recognizable. This queen of Dutch lingerie design has a very own handwriting, which describes your body remarkably well. A Marlies Dekkers bikini will make you feel like the dream queen of any beach, pool or beach bar, anywhere in the world. And what we love is that with our little Marlies Dekkers bikini prices, every woman can feel like a queen of swimwear!

- 50%

Marlies Dekkers Swimwear Isthar
Navy BLue Padded Bikini Bra

129.95 64.98
- 30%

Marlies Dekkers Swimwear Panthera
Red/Black Padded Bikini Bra

119.95 83.97
- 50%

Marlies Dekkers Swimwear La Flor
Green Padded Bikini Bra

99.95 49.98
- 75%

Marlies Dekkers Swimwear Puritsu
Navy BLue Padded Bikini Bra

129.95 32.49
- 60%
- 70%
- 90%

Marlies Dekkers Swimwear Lagerthas Reflection
Fuchsia Padded Bikini Bra

129.95 13.00

Marlies Dekkers Bikinis come in black, blue and many more colors

With a black Marlies Dekkers bikini, you still stand out. Comes from the cut, or fit. Really, you can't spoil your figure better than with these beautiful bikinis. Aren't you a black-eyed person? No problem, because blue is the next permanent color in Marlies' bikini collection. Don't want a blue Marlies Dekkers bikini either? Well then just choose pink, gold, yellow, green, beige....the list of Marlies Dekker bikini colors is grandiose endless. As are the sizes. Because hello, as a curvy model you will succeed very well with this fashion queen.


Marlies bikinis, seamlessly beautiful

All Marlies Dekkers bikinis have that fantastic elegant design with unparalleled support. Marlies Dekkers dresses all sizes, shapes and colors of women (and men, but we're not talking about those right now). And we love that at Dutch Designers Outlet. We think every woman deserves to be her sexiest self she can be. Like that. Period.


The coolest Marlies Dekkers bikini sale

Yes, we keep saying it, the Marlies Dekkers bikini sale really starts with us. Because we have passed with flying colors when it comes to the Marlies Dekkers bikini outlet. Where you normally have to pay some doekoes for a real Marlies, you can buy three bikinis for the same money. That is what we call a great sale. We have already seduced you, haven't we? Quickly fill your basket and you will be ready to be the queen of the beach this summer!

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