Like eggs in the right cap

Als eitjes in het juiste dopje
apr 7, 2023

It's spring! Really, yes I haven't felt it myself yet though. The wet paws are getting a bit too much for me too. I want to enjoy skirt day frolicking and wagging every day. But unfortunately King Winter has extended the vacation in our country for the time being.'s always going to be Easter anyway. And then you still want all the eggs nice and tasty in the right colored shell, shall I say. So if you want to look your Easter best, here I have for you: the tips and tricks of lingerie for April 2023!


As told in my previous blogs (read, read, read ladies, so much good advice, because I know a lot about a lot of things) I answer the many questions you ask my dear neighbors at Dutch Designers Outlet. That way, by the end of the year, if you keep reading, you'll know all the tips and tricks from Holland's best lingerie designers. So poke out those whiskers again this episode, we're going to share some tips on underwear that should really be called undershorts. Welcome to the world of baggy straps and loose elastic bands.


Fortunately, we still have gravity

Today we are going from top to bottom. That means, in the case of your furry lingerie guru extraordinaire, we're descending right down to the hills of cleavage. So, ladies, we'll start with the breasts. Gentlemen, if you're reading along, very handy, because oh oh oh oh what good tips for coming home with the perfect lingerie gift. With the upcoming fun holiday season coming up, that's still a very nice idea. Well, the hills of ladies, unlike the hills of Switzerland, need proper support. Even if they are small but nice ladies! Because even those little hand oranges are going to feel gravity at some point. And if you support them just right, you'll successfully fight that gravity for years and years. So, give your breasts the support and comfort they need.


Good riddance

First things first, clear out your lingerie drawer and look for bras that always make you sigh at the following points: I don't wear this one because my straps are sagging. I also don't wear this one because it creeps up on my back, or the underwires poke at my perky bosom. Did you know that you can even get physical complaints if your bra no longer fits properly? Think chafing, sore or itchy breasts, swelling under your armpits even. I'm not Doctor Google, but you can assume from this furry expert on legs that you don't have to immediately think the worst if you experience all these issues as soon as you hoist yourself into your old trusty bra in the morning. Time for a new dot of lingerie with ditto bra darlings!


You don't feel a thing

A nice bra you don't feel, you might see just peeking out above your shirt. But most of all, your girlfriends will fit perfectly in it. So get properly measured in a nice lingerie store or do it with the tips I gave in my previous blogs and then go hunting for a nice bra in the right size. Believe me now, you will go through life swinging again!


Going down

Anyway, on down, going down! If you like to feel sexy, pants where the elastic is hanging out, or where the legs are too loose is not the way to go. Or if your thong is chafing and you regularly have a "wedgie," a fancy word for when you have to hoist your panties out of the buttock, then it's time to go through your thongs, panties and other nice underwear. That which is broken or washed out you can still reuse as a shoe polish, or as another dust trap. If your thongs are really too small for that, then from me you can also put them in the circular archive, or trash can. Properly fitting underpants are, believe me, life-changing. Because what is true with bras is also true with panties, you are not supposed to feel lingerie. Underwear should be seen when it perfectly embraces your curves and hugs your figure. Because that's when you look fantastic.


Gentlemen, pick up the ball

Gentlemen, a quick note to your Easter thoughts, because while reading along, I can see that I am hitting your sensitive chord when it comes to your partner in a nice set. If she is wearing something that fits well and looks perfect, you can secretly grab that set and photograph the measurements with your mobile phone. Then you can stand in the lingerie store (preferably one of my neighbors Dutch Designers Outlet, of course) and shine, because you are that incredibly nice and attentive guy who can take the measurements of his lady just like that.

In addition, I do have a few helpful tips for when you too experience some underwear uncomfortability.

Comfortable into the boxers

If your boxers are too loose, making you feel like you belong to the Union of Construction Workers cleavage at every stoop, it really is time for a fine new pair of briefs. If you feel like your balls are always sleeping then a size up might be a lot more comforting, not to mention more airy and pleasant. Walk a lot more charming right away. Because a flip in an old slip, that's no fun for anyone. Therefore also for you gentlemen: clean out your underpants and boxer shorts closet. Because with Easter comes spring and with it comes a tidy feeling. With eggs in the perfectly fitting caps, everyone immediatelyomomento be in their prime again.


Well ladies and gentlemen, I hope to have brought you a very appropriate and inspiring blog. It has again been a pleasure to share my expertise with you. Don't eat too many eggs, but do enjoy the holidays. With appropriate lingerie, this will be a ... egg!

Entirely yours and with sincere wagging,

Sir Sebastian
Lingerie guru extraordinaire

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