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feb 13, 2023

Hello dear lingerie fans and powdered dog lovers. Do you have that too: as soon as it gets February, the blushes come to my cheeks. Often still from the freezing cold, but even more often because in all the shop windows the hearts, red lingerie and red clothes are fighting with each other for attention. I love red. And whether it suits you well? Well, as fashion guru extraordinaire, I can tell you that there is a suitable shade of red for everyone!


Something for everyone in red

As promised, I'm going to help you with all kinds of lingerie issues this year. And we regularly get the question from my neighbors in our customer service department: What color would look best on me. And more specifically, "Would red look good on me right now?" Well, in this month of love, it seems like a really fun question to start with. After all, I'm not a fan of "red beats death" at all. Such a crazy expression from you people. Because Red, is the color of passion, of love, of fire. It gives zest, energy and represents sexual energy. And then it doesn't matter if that red color is pinkish red, or light red, or fire red or just more orange-red. In fact, your skin tone determines what color lingerie fires up the fire for you.


Inequality does not exist

Look, everyone has a different skin color, that's what makes human beings so unique and wonderful. But you people just love pigeonholes and boxes. When it comes to skin, you can distinguish three types: warm, cool and neutral. No more, no less. Because that mainly determines whether you have more of a yellow undertone in your skin. That's warm. And if you have more pink undertones in your skin, then you have a cool color. And if you see neither pink nor yellow, then you have a neutral undertone.


Seducing? It starts with the basics

So how do you figure out what your base is, neutral, cool or warm? You do that by very simply holding a sheet of white paper next to your muzzle. Then stand in front of the mirror in daylight. Do you see more pink tones in your skin? Then you are cool cool. Do you see more yellow? Then you are warm in tone. Do you see neither yellow nor pink? Neutral! I did it too and I'm gray, hairy neutral.


By the way, that warm or cold color tone says nothing about character hear. I know incredibly cool frogs with warm skin tones and icy princesses with warm undertones. Whether you've been in the sun and have a nice tan doesn't affect your base tone. And that hue determines which shade of red underwear you can best wear.


Delicious red underwear sets

Now that you know your basics, you can then search the Dutch Designers Outlet website for the ultimate yummy Valentine's Day gift, a beautiful red lingerie set. Red underwear in just the right shade. Think orange-red if you are a warmer skin type and purple-red (e.g. red cabbage red) if you belong to the cooler skin type. Are you more neutral? Then bright red is very nice. Delicious red underwear sets in all those colors can be found at my neighbors, though. The reason why I mention them again is because they can turn those special moments into something extra fun and a little naughty. Because let's face it, getting a lovely pair of underwear from your sweetheart in just the right color and size is great, isn't it?


Matching underwear for feeling good

Are you now saying after all this color explanation, "all well and good, but I'm not much of a red lover? Then there is really no man/woman/anyone overboard. It is also not obligatory to stick to red on Valentine's Day. Because do you pop in a fantastic yellow basic set? Then of course that is the ultimate gift for you. Have you been longing for a nice basic set of shorts and top in bright white? Then your love will do you more pleasure with that. Are you always black, because black is the new black? Is also very sexy and seductive. A beautiful body in ravishing tulle that reveals and covers everything is also enormously attractive. What I always advise: underwear should fit, be you and make you feel good.


Cover your breasts and buttocks with lace

Start with the basics is always my advice for any wardrobe. Think about what you like, what makes you feel good and put that on. Because, in the end, you will shine when you are comfortable in your skin and therefore comfortable in your underwear. When nothing pinches, pulls, wrinkles or dents. And if you put on your underwear and dare to walk through your house confidently, then you are fine. If the person you want to see you at your best also becomes happy, then it's bingo. That is also love. Because love for yourself is just as important!


Warm your heart with a yummy set

I hope I was able to answer your question about what is my perfect color. And that it has helped you a little more on your way to the best choices for your closet. The tips on the right shade for your skin tone will help you not only in underwear land, but also definitely when it comes to good outerwear. You'll see: if you know your shade, you'll choose the right makeup for your dessert, your sweater will suddenly do just a little bit more for you, ("So, you look good!" you're suddenly going to hear a lot more often) and you'll start to shine more and more. We'd love to help you with that, with love!


Love yourself all of February! Be back in March with other tips and tricks!

Entirely yours and with sincere wagging,

Sir Sebastian
Lingerie guru extraordinaire

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