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okt 7, 2022

Dear lingerie and dog fans. Thank you for all the wonderful pampering moments on pet day! I am still full of all the good wish bones and sweet kibble I received. My furry belly won't fit into any seductively soft boxer shorts for the next few weeks, but that shouldn't spoil the fun.


Do you guys remember? I year ago in October a small, fuzzy, loud barking wad of hair came rolling in and she was in my heart right away. Dita's barking has become a bit more forcible and she is heavily into puberty right now. But that shouldn't spoil the fun. She brings much gaiety and playfulness to the Dutch Designers Outlet fashion center. And let playfulness and cheerfulness be just the trend for this winter. Your wagging fashion guru with the gift of prophecy looks ahead.


Animal prints and jungle sounds

This winter, color reigns supreme. That's not surprising, I've been dabbling in fashion land for years and can already tell by my whiskers that when the world is bleak, we all like to wear a little more color to cheer ourselves up. The same obviously applies, mes amís, to the underwear you wear. Cheerfulness and a little goofiness is okay. Now it is fortunate that I have some good legs to stand on as a qualitatively excellent predictor of fashion. And fortunately, animal prints have outgrown the Veerkampjes. No one is surprised anymore by a panther print dress or pants in a fussy zebra print. Why not extend that tightly to your lingerie? Gentlemen, a pair of growly underpants is no longer crazy and micro boxer shorts with a furry print and a well-trimmed crotch do very well with bed partners, you know. As long as the furry print is mainly on the outside of the briefs and there is not a jungle peeking out from under the edges, you as an animal lover are well into animal prints.


Crisp colors in lingerie land

As I already explained to you, the gloomier the news, the merrier the fashion. You have to have something to put a sunny smile on the pretty faces of you lingerie lovers. Where better to start than with the clothes you put on first? We're seeing primary colors like red, blue and green this winter. And we also still see those beautiful hard pastels. So no soft pink, but nice bright fuchsia, and no baby blue, but a deep purplish blue. Dark greens are also doing great in fall. All the colors you see in the changing of the leaves, you'll also find in your lingerie. And my neighbors may have an outlet in lingerie and underwear, but they definitely carry all these trends.


Small is out, big is in

What's noticeable is that the teeny string is losing ground. Not surprisingly, because when it's hot we want to wear as little as possible, but when the autumn storm rages around, of course, such a mini piece of fabric is not really warm. However, the trend this fall is also a little "back to the old days. Think high waist briefs, nice high bottoms and high cut bottoms. Looks oh so elegant and honestly, your wagging furry friend often finds dressed up a lot sexier than bare. Can you cover up a little belly right away if you want. All these back to the past items are made with the most ultra-modern fabrics of course, so it's wonderfully comfortable.
Combine your beautiful high briefs with a comfortable bra. The underwire and push-up are a bit off, but there are plenty of supportive materials to be found. Also, balconette br as are totally salonfähig again. And let's face it, in a ravishing royal blue dress you can feel totally great if you have a nice panther print lingerie set with pretty lines on there. We doggies love to look at it too....


Body on your bodie

And finally, the trend that is hot and happening again: the body. Of all kinds of material, in all colors and especially good under the fashion of great men's suits. Beautiful combination, it makes me wag my tail. Since bodies are also allowed to be seen again, you can really show off your underwear. It's a bit of a wave, but combine lingerie as outerwear, you can see your underwear again? Not as an above-the-pants thong, that is, but as a nice item under a blazer, or a nice light transparent sweater. It's still warm enough for that in October. And if not, you can warm up the room with this lovely lingerie fashion!

Entirely yours and with sincere wagging,

Sir Sebastian
Lingerie guru extraordinaire

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