Here's to a fantastic sitting new year

jan 13, 2023

Fine dear Sir Sebastian fans, we have landed in another sparkling new year! How nice that you are all here again, too. After the loud bangs that plagued my ears again in the old year, I am sitting in my warm basket with a hoarse bark. Because yes, I do protest, but I do like the colors of fireworks. It reminds me of the colors of all that beautiful new lingerie that is coming.


Learning lingerie or learning from lingerie

How about we start this year off right and agree that every month we'll discuss a problem you lingerie fans run into? Should you want an answer to a question addressed in this barking underwear blog, please email my dear neighbors at Dutch Designers Outlet and I'll be happy to discuss it with you. This is how we learn from lingerie. Not to be confused with leather lingerie, which is also very pleasant to look at and, I think, to wear. Then again, that's another specialty fashion underwear thing. Although Marlies Dekkers has designed very nice vegan leather bras. Am I for, vegan leather. Because I like to keep my own coat on myself.


We're going to solve those fitting problems

Anyway, so this year's resolution is to put our underwear problems behind us for good. By the end of this year, we will know exactly how to pick out sister sizes, why you should go for a certain bra if you have uneven breasts, what to do with large breasts you want to keep in check or small breasts you want to show off. We are going to talk about our beautiful buttocks that we do, or don't want to have in a nice designer panty. And then how we do that inexpensively and at its most economical. It's already making me a lot less hoarse just thinking about it.


Breasts and buttocks, right where we want them

What I did learn in my thirteen (!) years as a fashion guru and lingerie expert extraordinaire, is that you dear ladies always have desires. Are small buttocks fashionable, the big buttocks should be spared. And now it is the other way around, the buttocks must be bigger. You then do so with full conviction and much imagination. The panties and bootie adjustments are flying around my flapper ears. And yet, dear ladies, you know that every body is beautiful. Whether you have two breasts, or unfortunately only one breast. Whether you have fat or thin buttocks, whether your girlfriends are droopy or bouncy. Whether you are small and straight or tall and round. Applies to all those tough men these days, by the way. There's a reason why Mens Health magazines have become indispensable on the shelves. Men want to look good out of their clothes, too. So ladies and gentlemen, time to boost your underwear wardrobe this year, building up your self-confidence as well.


Hello body

Lingerie is a tool par excellence with which you can emphasize your strengths and disguise the points you don't want to show that day. Haaaa, that sounds fun right! Next advantage: it looks very nice. First of all, for yourself. When you dress yourself from your bare nothingness with attention and beauty, you feel more beautiful with every lace and bow. No better boost to your self-confidence. I can know, I get up every day, I stretch unabashedly. Then I walk to the first best mirror and cheerfully bark at myself. Then I run to my neighbors, greet Dita and pick out a nice set to start the day. Really, hello nice body is a wonderful start to the day.


Butrr, what do you think your partner will think if you dress up with full attention, put on nice set and then undress in the evening, so that your beautiful body is the first and last thing your partner sees that day. Advantage three I would think....


Cozy sitting and learning, in or out of clothes

In short, feeling beautiful can be learned, and nice underwear can help in a very nice way. Of course, it's easier barked than done. But let's keep this as a good resolution, a little more self-love. And in these expensive days it is very nice if you can buy nice things for a nice discount. Dutch Designers Outlet is happy to help you get yourbasic underwear and nice lingerie, but at a sweet price.


Hello yummy body

Say it now, you've made it through this new fresh year just fine. Hopefully healthy and well and otherwise with a good dose of fighting spirit. I am happy to help you again with all kinds of tips and tricks to turn your underwear drawer into a lingerie walk-in closet and to make sure you -stay- in love with your nice body, as I already do as a fashion guru and expert. It is my honor and pleasure to toil through all the new fashion items and provide you with all the solutions that will make you go through life as an underwear and swimwear queen in the new year.

Entirely yours and with sincere wagging,

Sir Sebastian
Lingerie guru extraordinaire

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